April 19, 2003

yay for being home. i didn't leave school till 4:30. i got out of rehearsal before 3, but then i went through ALL OF MY CLOTHES (that's a lot of clothes...steph'll tell ya) and organized them. i also brought a bunch of clothes home. i was productive, yes i was. i decided just to stay home tonight, which was probably best. i'm bushed. at least we'll be through with the play after wednesday night. (and after striking the set...boo.)

you know what tv show was highly underrated? freaks and geeks. it always had bad time slots, but was really clever and just darn good. (and had a great theme song...joan jett's "bad reputation"...my "sons of melchezedek" music.) if you ever have the opportunity to catch some re-runs, i highly recommend it. i'd let you borrow the marathon tape i have, but i can't risk losing it. but you really are missing out.

April 17, 2003

it's kind of easter break. just got back from rehearsal. came home to an empty room, which was surprising. i figured people'd be hanging out in here. the dorm's pretty empty. most everyone's gone home for easter weekend. but not me. not me. yet.

rehearsal starts at 9:30am tomorrow and goes till ?. exciting stuff. sorry i don't have something more interesting for you to chew on.

i got my reprints from anderson today. they gave me 5 i didn't want, but i didn't check the pictures till later, so that kind of stinks. ah, well. it's ok. i got koon's pictures, which are great, and i'm going to get copies of them made this weekend, i suppose.

registration time is just around the corner. looks like i'll be taking 2 english courses, 1 spanish, sociology or psychology or both, and some other stuff that i can't remember.

hooray for going home tomorrow!

April 16, 2003

yay! only one more class to go (6-9 tonight...ugh) till easter break. but i've gotta stick around for the play. shouldn't be too bad, though.

you know what i don't like? the expression "mwah" (or "muah"). so silly.

it's back to a-town again tomorrow. think i'll make it worth the trip and, after picking up my pictures, go to jittery joes and read some. that would be nice. especially since otherwise i'll just be sitting around in my room doing work (screwing around) until 7:30 (rehearsal). i love getting pictures, so i can't wait. i'm going to borrow koon's pics this weekend so i can make copies of those, too. then...i get to start on my scrapbook! i'm such a girl. such a scrapbooking fiend. (at first, i spelled the word "such" "cush" because my typing fingers were all confused. i thought i'd share that because "cush" sounds kind of nice.)

i'm out for now.

April 15, 2003

happy tax day, everybody. from what the rents tell me, i got a $12 check from the irs. camp took squat out of my checks. but, hey, 12 buck is 12 bucks. am i right?

victory #2 for the sons of melchizedek tonight, no thanks to me: i could only be there for half of the game, and i struck out. ugh. well, i never claimed to be athletic, did i? what you see is what you get...and it ain't much. but the game was tons of fun, except for the over-hyped and overrated smoke bomb. apparently, we almost got kicked out for it. and, for some reason, other teams don't seem to appreciate our extreme obnoxiousness either. who knew? we should probably tone it down, lest we get kicked out of the league. how pitiful, to be kicked out of an intramural softball league for poor conduct, eh? we can't let that happen.

tomorrow's the last day of classes this week because we have good friday off. hooray for holidays! too bad i have to stick around friday for play rehearsal. but i'll be heading home that night, and that'll be nice.

maybe i'll lay out again tomorrow...it was quite nice today...
alrighty, back from a-town. i put the camino pics in for reprints, but they won't be ready till tomorrow. looks like i'm heading back mañana. on a fun note: i made some nice purchases at the ever-so-hip goodwill. and my inter-library loan book came in. yay! i got my hair trimmed, but you can't really tell, unless you're super-observant. you should, however, notice that my split ends are gone, and that's what matters.

the rest of the day's going to be quite full: women's chorale, quick dinner, sinfonia, lab (unless i skip...muahaha), softball game #2, rehearsal till who-knows-when, bible study.

but, for now, i think i may just go lay out behind robinson and read for a bit. sounds nice.
oh no! the dawson's creek kids are about to go to college. that means its about to start sucking. man. (tbs plays reruns 8-12 every morning.) i'll probably keep watching anyway.

i'm about to head to anderson in a little while. gotta get some stuff done, and it'll be nice to get away. so, catch you cats later.

April 14, 2003

i made it to the second half of the softball game, after a much better rehearsal. man, our team rocked. we won, which was a nice added touch to all of our hype. it was tons of fun, put me in a fabulous mood. i even worked out afterward, i was so psyched.

luke's definitely coming in two weeks, jesse talked to him on the phone today. but, until then i've gotta focus on my work. work and softball. because that's what matters.
to do today:

spanish civ questions
work on spanish research


revise spanish essay
julián marías article
spanish research

we'll see how much i get done...
i like getting emails that make me happy.
rehearsal last night was bad. bad, bad, bad. but i'm over it. except i have to go again tonight and probably miss our first softball game, which stinks because it's going to be rockin, what with our theme songs and red carpet and hopefully t-shirts. grr.

i think i'm going to anderson tomorrow to get reprints of some of carlos' camino pictures. hour developing. while i'm there, mayhap i'll get a haircut. i'm in dire need of one. i have tons of split ends, and it ain't pretty, folks. i'm also in dire need of a better dye job. my hair's just too light for my liking.

it's another beautiful day outside, but i'm going to be inside typing notes for world civ. our next exam is monday, and i've gotta get at least a 90. for my standards. so, here goes.

i'll listen to a little saves the day while i'm working.

April 13, 2003

well, i was about to go to rehearsal, but turns out that it's been rescheduled for 7:30. that's nice to know, eh? 2 more hours to do stuff. maybe productive stuff. my room smells like ramen noodles, thanks to my delicious dinner. mmm.
sarabeth, audra, alyssa and i went to covenant community church today in honea path. it's a daughter church of a church in anderson. it's really small, but it was nice. the pastor from the mother church was preaching, and he talked on james 3, which was cool because we're studying james in melanie's Bible study.

so, after a nice lunch in moffatt, i'm back in the room. i should be doing work. i will soon enough. then i have rehearsal tonight. hope paul doesn't yell at us for not coming yesterday. and i have a killer astronomy test tomorrow that i haven't even started studying for. guess i'll get on that tonight. and i need to start busting my butt about my spanish civ. project too. oh, so much crap to do.

sorry about the uninteresting post. wait, what do i care? it's my blog.
i hate it when people can't even hang out around each other like mature adults because they have some personal vendetta against each other that, in the big scheme of things, really doesn't matter. and then i always end up having to choose who to hang out with, and i feel like whoever i don't hang out with thinks less of me. ugh. it stinks.

on a lighter note, today was tons of fun. i didn't work in the theatre this morning, which, apparently was mandatory for us cast members. however, we were not assured of this, and no one ever sends out emails about rehearsal schedules and the whole thing seems quite unorganized. i think the play will go well, and our director is really great, but i never feel like i know what's going on and what i'm supposed to be doing. sorry, that wasn't really a lighter note.

on a real lighter note: ate chinese buffet today, played at the river, played some football, threw frisbee. quite an active day. then it was time for the anthaneum (sp?) and sister hazel concert. now, mind you, they're not my favorite bands, but when i go into a concert thinking i'll have a good time, i usually do. it all depends on the attitude. actually, i liked anthaneum's music a lot, even if they don't put on an exciting stage show. sister hazel was lots of fun, except when the drunk toga people pushed in front of us. but as soon as they moved, the rest of the concert was great. i had so much fun.

think i'm heading to bed now, got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow.

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