October 25, 2003

granola (still from the backpacking trip) and hot chocolate for breakfast.

i helped eeb put up the fence for the concert tonight, and i think i'm going to help take it down too.

i met sarah in walhalla then we drove into the mountains, oconee, where they were camping. it was a nice little site by the river. wayne's been fishing for 2 days straight.

went to the hangar to see clayton ravine last night then went to kennedy to watch the matrix reloaded, but i fell asleep.

i'm going to play the couch game for a bit before i get started on some work.

October 24, 2003

about to roll out to walhalla. because sarah and wayne are there! yay! i miss the lown's/my second family.

later tonight i dunno what's on the agenda. maybe i'll do some work and then go to see justin eason's band on the mall.

tomorrow i volunteered to help eeb set up for the edwin mccain concert. dang. up at 9am. and sometime tomorrow afternoon i need to rehearse shakespeare (and memorize my lines).

um. tomorrow night's another concert. and i'm writing the article, so i'd better be there.

don't you like these short to-the-point updates? i do.

heeeeeya. heya.

October 23, 2003

dinner = oatmeal cream pie, cheddar popcorn and milkyway.

diet? what diet?

i'm drinking water. that's healthy.
oh man, that post was way boring. to type and i assume to read as well. i apologize.

i think instead of confronting situations sometimes, i just save myself the effort and i have a conversation with whoever inside my head. so, i end up solving the problem internally without actually having to confront someone. how weird of me.

but i'm down.

i'm listening to this radio station online and a show's on that's all video game soundtracks. they played the ghost buster's theme. and the halo theme. which was really pretty. it looks like it has a bunch of cool shows. like big band. and indie. and improvisational electronic. and radio drama. sweet.

the radio hosts (djs) on right now are huge dorks. they know everything about nintendo cover bands. i wish i could be that cool.

time for hamlet.

October 22, 2003

i've been slack, so here's what i've been up to:

friday: finished classes and headed up to brevard. after a quick wendy's meal, we drove to graveyard fields, the first campsite and dropped off half our group. then the rest of us went to flat laurel to camp for the night (after driving around for way too many repeats of the goo goo dolls cd trying to find the dern place). we hiked like 10 feet and camped. bethany, jarvis and jennings headed back to bethany's aunt's house to get a sleeping bag for the forgetful jarvis. then bedtime.

saturday: woke up around 8:30 (were supposed to get up at 7:30), breakfast of grits before packing up camp and hiking 6 miles to ivestor's gap to meet up with the rest of the oauers. we arrived and ate lunch before all settling down for a quick nap on top of a hill. day hike to shining rock, 5 mile round trip, and it was sweet. set up camp and ate a dinner of stove top, ramen, and jello no-bake together and hung out around the fire till it was time to turn in.

sunday: woke up at 7:30, oatmeal and hot chocolate for breakfast, packed up for our hike outta the forest. 4 mile hike. hannah, drew and i booked it and played on the rocks around the waterfall when we got to the end. i think i got some sweet photos, but i'll let you know once i finish up the roll and get it developed. lunch at arby's because kc jones is closed on sundays (argh!), but i made up for missing some delicious spinach and artichoke dip with some after-lunch dolly's ice cream. then it was time to head back. i didn't get to lexington till later that evening.

monday: watched the breakfast club on vh1 before the shogers dropped sb off. i took her to see the lhs marching band practice for a little while, hoping we'd see a whole run-thru. sadly, we didn't. back home for a dinner of country fried steak, my favorite. watched the hunchback of notre dame before crashing early bc we were both exhausted (me from the trip and sb from her brother's wedding).

tuesday (yesterday): got up early to go shopping. i got a way-cool iriver mp3/cd player, which is cheaper and more sensible than just an mp3 player. early christmas present. and i got a winter hat and gloves from pacsun. mellow mushroom lunch with the magsix gals, and it was good times for sure. then it was back to school.

and here i am. blogging when i should be doing something productive. adios.

October 21, 2003

full update coming soon...

7-9 catch-22
9-10 hamlet
10-12 catch-22
12 shower
12:30-? finish catch-22

i forbid myself from playing with my new toy from best buy till i finish catch-22.

love you and see you eventually...

October 20, 2003

quick update:

oau trip kicked.

had some dolly's ice cream.

back home.

sb's here.

time to go have fun.

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