April 13, 2003

i hate it when people can't even hang out around each other like mature adults because they have some personal vendetta against each other that, in the big scheme of things, really doesn't matter. and then i always end up having to choose who to hang out with, and i feel like whoever i don't hang out with thinks less of me. ugh. it stinks.

on a lighter note, today was tons of fun. i didn't work in the theatre this morning, which, apparently was mandatory for us cast members. however, we were not assured of this, and no one ever sends out emails about rehearsal schedules and the whole thing seems quite unorganized. i think the play will go well, and our director is really great, but i never feel like i know what's going on and what i'm supposed to be doing. sorry, that wasn't really a lighter note.

on a real lighter note: ate chinese buffet today, played at the river, played some football, threw frisbee. quite an active day. then it was time for the anthaneum (sp?) and sister hazel concert. now, mind you, they're not my favorite bands, but when i go into a concert thinking i'll have a good time, i usually do. it all depends on the attitude. actually, i liked anthaneum's music a lot, even if they don't put on an exciting stage show. sister hazel was lots of fun, except when the drunk toga people pushed in front of us. but as soon as they moved, the rest of the concert was great. i had so much fun.

think i'm heading to bed now, got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow.
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