March 15, 2003

girls night was a blast. we ate at flatrock...good food, then we went to downtown greenville for some coffee. fun times, good conversations. it's amazing how far we'll drive in one night just for a night out. of course, when you reside in due west, it's required.

working on my spanish paper. thought i'd take a quick break to blog. i'm actually still working on the readings for the paper. i figure i need to comprehend what they're saying really well before i can attempt to write a paper about them, eh?

can't wait to see flo tonight. it's going to be fabulous.

March 14, 2003 spanish civ. essay is kicking my butt. and i haven't even started writing it yet. i can barely comprehend the readings for it that are in english, much less the spanish ones...guess i'll be spending my saturday morning/afternoon working on it. and carlos told me that i wouldn't be getting in over my head by taking this class. not only am i in over my head...i'm drowning. blub, blub.

tonight is girls' night out. i love girls' night out. we're going out to eat in greenville. if we're back in time, steph and i are heading over to the hip hop party in the hangar. djed by "dj metro"...our very own jarvis from the metro. sweet. should be good times. tomorrow night: flo in sumter. i am mucho excited about that.

i have about half of my short story written, which is due by next friday. better get on that.

yay for cursive and bright eyes.

March 12, 2003

yo...mayhap you're wondering why i'm not online? (or mayhap you're not even reading this bc you only read it when you click the link from my profile...either way...) i'm not signing on until i get some serious work done. as you can see, no progress is being made as of right now. but i had the urge to blog before i started working.

anyhoo, luke did leave erskine yesterday, and although it was sad to see him go, i'm in a fabulous mood. i have been for a while now. let's make this a record, shall we? it's probably also due to the fact that spring break is well within my reach (with plenty of work to keep me occupied till then). after spring break, we only have, what? 5 weeks? i think? something like that. which is fantastic. then it's two weeks of summer for me before i head up to good ol brevard, north carolina for camp again. i'll be a junior next year. wow. i'll actually have to start deciding what the schmuck i'm going to do with my life. scary. well, at least i've declared my major(s).

March 10, 2003

luke's leaving tomorrow. sad day. what will i fill my time with if i'm not spending all day and night with the guys? oh, i suppose there's sleep and homework. hm, maybe. seriously, it'll be another 2ish months before i get to see him again, which stinks. but, oh, what a great reunion it will be. stormy and chris (a couple of jesse's friends whom i've befriended as well) were at church yesterday, which was a great surprise. stormy's been at school in florida, and chris is at usc. our spring break isn't for another 2 weeks. ugh. but it'll be rockin fo sho.

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