April 16, 2003

yay! only one more class to go (6-9 tonight...ugh) till easter break. but i've gotta stick around for the play. shouldn't be too bad, though.

you know what i don't like? the expression "mwah" (or "muah"). so silly.

it's back to a-town again tomorrow. think i'll make it worth the trip and, after picking up my pictures, go to jittery joes and read some. that would be nice. especially since otherwise i'll just be sitting around in my room doing work (screwing around) until 7:30 (rehearsal). i love getting pictures, so i can't wait. i'm going to borrow koon's pics this weekend so i can make copies of those, too. then...i get to start on my scrapbook! i'm such a girl. such a scrapbooking fiend. (at first, i spelled the word "such" "cush" because my typing fingers were all confused. i thought i'd share that because "cush" sounds kind of nice.)

i'm out for now.
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