April 14, 2003

rehearsal last night was bad. bad, bad, bad. but i'm over it. except i have to go again tonight and probably miss our first softball game, which stinks because it's going to be rockin, what with our theme songs and red carpet and hopefully t-shirts. grr.

i think i'm going to anderson tomorrow to get reprints of some of carlos' camino pictures. hour developing. while i'm there, mayhap i'll get a haircut. i'm in dire need of one. i have tons of split ends, and it ain't pretty, folks. i'm also in dire need of a better dye job. my hair's just too light for my liking.

it's another beautiful day outside, but i'm going to be inside typing notes for world civ. our next exam is monday, and i've gotta get at least a 90. for my standards. so, here goes.

i'll listen to a little saves the day while i'm working.
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