January 31, 2003

well, i'm back. i've been back since late wednesday night. i've had quite a month. can't wait to tell you guys all about it. i'm still very jet lagged, and i think i will be for a couple more days. i haven't seen anyone yet. i only went out of the house today to run a couple of errands, then i came back to the couch. i'll be heading back to school this weekend for the start of classes on monday. i'm ready to see everyone and get back into a schedule. i've missed erskine so. i've especially missed the best roommate ever. i'm heading for dinner and a movie with the rents tonight. i'll catch you cats later.

January 27, 2003

hello, all. i know you´re just dying to see me. (and if you aren´t, you should know that i am dying to see you.) still in santiago. we´re heading out of here around 10:30pm on an overnight bus for madrid. hm...goodnight´s sleep on a bus? doubtful. oh, well, i bought a magazine and i have a book to keep me company. i did so much shopping today, probably spent too much money. i still need to get some things in madrid. oh, and i´m so excited because i get to see luke! hear that, jesse and corey? i get to see luke and you don´t. sorry, i´ll try not to gloat. it´s been a little strange the past couple of days becaue we haven´t been walking. it´s been relaxing, but gets a little boring at times. i´m ready to be in madrid, though. we arrive in greenville-spartanburg airport at 9pm on wednesday night (hint, hint), in case you desperately need to see me (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). i can´t wait to be home in my own house! adios for now!

January 26, 2003

hola from santiago! that´s right, we´re here! it´s awesome to finally be here. we were going to stay in monte del gozo last night (less than 5k from santiago cathedral) and then walk in this morning (sunday), but we just couldn´t contain ourselves, and we walked in last night at dusk. the sky was gorgeous, and the past few days have been splendid walking weather. i walked by myself for the first half of the day yesterday, and it was good thinking time. beautiful morning and beautiful countryside...what more could i ask for? we´re going to the pilgrim´s mass this morning (a camino de santiago tradition), and then we´re all going out for a group meal. since the last time i blogged, we´ve picked up a couple of friends. we´ve gained two foreigners to our group: vincent and ernesto. we had met vincent, a 19-yr-old french guy earlier, but he recently started walking with and staying with our group. ernesto is a crazy spaniard. he´s awesome. we met him in astorga (my last post) and he´s been with us ever since. there aren´t a lot of people that do the camino in the winter, so we were blessed to make these great friends. well, i´m going to get ready for the mass, i´ll hit you up later. i´ll be back in the states next wednesday night!

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