April 15, 2003

alrighty, back from a-town. i put the camino pics in for reprints, but they won't be ready till tomorrow. looks like i'm heading back maƱana. on a fun note: i made some nice purchases at the ever-so-hip goodwill. and my inter-library loan book came in. yay! i got my hair trimmed, but you can't really tell, unless you're super-observant. you should, however, notice that my split ends are gone, and that's what matters.

the rest of the day's going to be quite full: women's chorale, quick dinner, sinfonia, lab (unless i skip...muahaha), softball game #2, rehearsal till who-knows-when, bible study.

but, for now, i think i may just go lay out behind robinson and read for a bit. sounds nice.
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