December 14, 2002

anyone have a suggestion for a good book, preferably light-weight, that will inspire me or make me think while i'm in spain?
while being alone can be quite refreshing, it can also be pretty frustrating. especially when you're all alone in a dorm. i'm still here at school because i'm playing my flute at ware shoals first baptist tomorrow evening, and we had rehearsal this morning. i'm having a great time just chillin, eating junk food, and watching movies. but when i'm not doing that, my mind starts to wander and i just start thinking about anything and everything. and it's frustrating because i think myself in circles. i'm looking forward to going home tomorrow evening. i'm ready to spend some time at home before i head for spain. i can't believe it's coming up so soon.

stuff i still need for spain:
pack (appalachin outfitters didn't get the pack in that i needed, and probably won't till monday)
hiking pants
more wool socks
journal (i have one i may use)
spanish Bible (maybe just the nt)
maybe another book (i'd love to take les miserables, but that's a huge book)

...alrighty, that's enough for now...adios.

December 11, 2002

i like going to the hot or not website and only using the 1, 2, 9, and 10 ratings. i also like judging the people on their surroundings and clothing. it's much fun.
i didn't go to sleep till 4am, and i'm already awake. i've completely skewed my normal sleeping pattern. dang. ah, well. you know what i did till 4am? i watched tv. yeah, that's right. that big black box in our room that usually goes untouched. of course, i had to clean off all the cobwebs first. really, though. it was nice to just sit back and watch some quality disney tv series. don't make fun of me. i like the disney channel. i finally got to see the lizzy mcguire episode where she gets her first kiss. i'm glad i wasn't like her in middle school. and i watched a classic boy meets world episode. the one where shawn and corey sneak in to feeney's (sp?) mountain cabin, he shows up, they're getting along until the guys drop feeney's wristwatch (that his late wife gave him) down the drain. so, they climb in the septic tank to find it, and everything's all better again. and feeney and shawn learn a little something about each other. and shawn likes the counting crows. alright, that's quite enough of that...i should find something else to do...
well, from what corey says, jesse's on the phone (we won't see him till tomorrow), and luke's mia. probably went to denny's to study. we won't see him till tomorrow either. hope exams go well, boys. i also hope we're still planning on going to church, too. highlight of my week!

corey also said something about going to the jump show in charlotte and then staying at his place for the night. fill me in, yo, and i'll try to convince the rents to let me go (yes, i still ask my parents for permission).

i don't know what i'm going to do. i slept from about 4-10:30 today. i'm not tired in the least bit. i feel great. i think i'll play my guitar for a bit...

December 10, 2002

sorry, jesse...i'm such a slacker. i just got back from the fine dining establishment of denny's. it's incredible how packed it was...all those college kiddies studying for their exams. i met jacob, a junior from anderson college. he was being a table whore and kept talking to people at different booths. then i was eavesdropping on a conversation behind me. some guy was studying for a spanish exam and the girl he was with was explaining how to conjugate verbs for him. he didn't seem to know anything about espanol. hope he's not a major...

i was going to go another day without taking a shower, but, considering i now smell like denny's smoke and grease, i believe i'll fold.

hey, i just realized i'm not a teenager any more. i'm a 20-something...sweet.

it's going to be great when i finish my two exams tomorrow. not another one till friday afternoon. so, i'll just come back to the room and sleep. mmm...sleep...

since my boys can't come to the acoustic jump show (ahem.), i think i'll try to make it a girls-night-out. the mag six is meeting to exchange gifts on that day, so i figure whoever wants to could just caravan on over to senate park for the show. yes, that sounds like a splendid idea.

aw, boys...(specifically corey and luke), you guys write the sweetest things. and, yes, they do make me want to cry, but in a good way.

enough with the stream-of-conciousness mode...i'm going to get a shower.

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