April 15, 2003

happy tax day, everybody. from what the rents tell me, i got a $12 check from the irs. camp took squat out of my checks. but, hey, 12 buck is 12 bucks. am i right?

victory #2 for the sons of melchizedek tonight, no thanks to me: i could only be there for half of the game, and i struck out. ugh. well, i never claimed to be athletic, did i? what you see is what you get...and it ain't much. but the game was tons of fun, except for the over-hyped and overrated smoke bomb. apparently, we almost got kicked out for it. and, for some reason, other teams don't seem to appreciate our extreme obnoxiousness either. who knew? we should probably tone it down, lest we get kicked out of the league. how pitiful, to be kicked out of an intramural softball league for poor conduct, eh? we can't let that happen.

tomorrow's the last day of classes this week because we have good friday off. hooray for holidays! too bad i have to stick around friday for play rehearsal. but i'll be heading home that night, and that'll be nice.

maybe i'll lay out again tomorrow...it was quite nice today...
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