April 12, 2003

i like to yawn with emphasis.
morning all...

last night was fun, and i didn't even go anywhere. but i think that was best. i was pretty exhausted. sarabeth and i hung out and watch tv. i finished my camp scrapbook, so that was productive.

back later when there's something to say...

April 11, 2003

to do:

organize cd's
scan camino pictures/start scrapbook
repaint top of table (use sealant)
change sheets

think that's about it...
after much debate over what music to play while i blog then clean the room, i settled upon element 101. because they're fun girl pop-punk. now i'm happy. some quality element 101 lyrics, folks: "you can hold my hand inside of yours."...it's just feel-good music.

we didn't get the chance to read/review my story in fiction writing today. why? because dr. crenshaw and bigum had it out. long story. basically, they spent the whole class debating/discussing/arguing. it was interesting, and reminded me of the side of dr. crenshaw that i don't like. i think he's an excellent writing teacher, but i hate how he "debates" (basically by saying that his opinion is the only one that's not ridiculous, after stating that he respects everyone else's opinions). whew.

the beautification of our campus for spring fling weekend has begun: two port-a-potties stand majestically out of place on the circle. i can't tell you how excited i am about sister hazel tomorrow night. no, really, i can't...probably because i'm not excited. it could be fun hanging out with the right people.

time to clean the room...

April 10, 2003

CrimsonColorEye: i think luke tried to call me today. there was a message on my machine, but my machine's messed up and makes everything distorted like a bad connection, but it kinda sounded like luke
TorchSongHero: maybe that's just how he really sounds
TorchSongHero: those spanish have done something to him, doggone it!
CrimsonColorEye: haha
CrimsonColorEye: i wonder if it was important though
CrimsonColorEye: i sure do hope not
TorchSongHero: hope he's not trapped under something heavy or anything and you were his only hope
CrimsonColorEye: that would suck
CrimsonColorEye: i hope i wasnt his only hope
CrimsonColorEye: that would be kinda sucky for me
CrimsonColorEye: all helpless and all
CrimsonColorEye: i'd be like, "push harder"
CrimsonColorEye: or, "call for help"
TorchSongHero: yes...and you'd have the guilt all over your hands
CrimsonColorEye: and then he'd be like, "I called you"
TorchSongHero: and you'd live in miserable guilt forever
CrimsonColorEye: and i'd be like, "but i'm in america"
TorchSongHero: and then he'd be like "croak"
CrimsonColorEye: and then i'd cry
CrimsonColorEye: that would suck so bad
CrimsonColorEye: i hope he's not under something heavy, dead right now
TorchSongHero: it would suck more than most things
TorchSongHero: i'll blame you if he is

luke's returning in less than a few weeks!
ah! i'm addicted to sifting through vintage t-shirt adds on eBay...

...it could be worse, i could be addicted to buying them...
i want like half of the dresses on this site. vintage is fun.
what's up, blog readers? nada mucho here. i'm uber-hyper because i worked out and now have all this energy. the kennedy guys serenaded us again tonight. (for those of you who aren't exactly "in the know", kennedy is a guys dorm on the girls side of campus here at erskine. every wednesday night at 12, the guys come in front of each of the 3 girls dorms and sing to us, with guitars or bongo drums in hand, dressed only in towels. it's quite a sight to see.) we made a party of it and brayer made us little smokies and daquaris. then we rushed downstairs to cheer for our skantily-clad performers. and now i'm staying up late to do laundry.

steph and i are going to the clemson library tomorrow. we have a spanish project which requires some in-depth research, so we figured we'd make a day of it and have lunch with the clemson girls as well.

i have a hot date for friday night. ask me who it is...now...if only i could find something to wear...

April 09, 2003

you can download a couple of rosebud songs here, if you're interested.
so much for the pictures...

...on a lighter note, i got my rosebud cd today (the one i ordered online). my eyes lit up when i saw i had a package. it's a great cd. rosebud is a side project of a couple of the members of jump little children (jay, johnathan and i think ward...). it's more jay-influenced. less rock, more jazzy, crooning melodies, poetic lyrics, and chill sounds. i like it a lot. very pleased with my purchase.

i like this shirt.

or maybe this one.

(check out all of the fun shirts...)

April 08, 2003

what the crap. apparently the pictures worked for me, but not anyone else. i really thought i had it figured out, too. back to the drawing board...
and it only took me about an hour to figure out how to do it...
another camino picture for you...i think this was still the first day. what a gorgeous countryside...

i used my poncho as a raincover for the first few days...ghetto...
oh, i rock. it worked. i think i'm going to do it again.

(by the way, that's a pic of the camino group. that's me in the back left in the red. this was right before we started walking the first day.)
camino group

i wish i could figure out how to put pictures on my blog. because then it'd be a lot cooler, don't you think?

i'm about to go try to be productive. today's been quite lazy. and i lahve it.
the fact that i worked out this morning was merely counteracted by my laziness. i come back from the workout room with full intention to get a shower and mayhap do something productive. and what do i do? i watch reruns of the osbournes. and now it's nearly 1:30pm, and i've just gotten out of the shower. ridiculous.

no lab tonight. yay! more time to do something unproductive!
yay! look who's back!

SmarterChild: What about chatting?
TorchSongHero: i like it
SmarterChild: I like chatting too! :-)
TorchSongHero: i hate the smilies
SmarterChild: I see. You don't like the smilies? I'll remember that. That's the first time anyone has told me what they think of the smilies!
TorchSongHero: you're kidding
SmarterChild: Really?
SmarterChild: 13927 people are chatting with me right now!
TorchSongHero: your talking to 13,927 people, and no one else has commented on the smilies?
SmarterChild: Funny. I just don't know!

let the hours of pointless entertainment begin...

April 07, 2003

justin is cool because he gives me something to read.
just got back from the coffeeshop. nice time. i only had about 30 minutes there after rehearsal, but i read a little les miserables. (slowly, but surely, i will finish that book.) i wonder what epic i should start after i complete it? guess i'll cross that bridge when i come to it, but suggestions are welcome. make it good.

i have the sickly sweet taste of mocha (the syrup at the bottom of the cup) in my mouth...ick...
hi, kids. where'd spring go? i don't know. ah, well. it'll return soon enough, i hope, and it better bring the nice weather with it. we're reading each other's stories in fiction writing workshop now, and i volunteered mine for friday. a little nervous about that, but i figured i might as well get it over with. i'm already over 1,000 words into my next story, and it's turning out nicely so far.

softball starts this week. our team of like 40 players will take the field and the tournament. ok, so maybe not. but it promises to be a fun season.

where's the new strong bad email, dagnabit?

April 06, 2003

back from an exciting and scandalous weekend at clemson. not really scandalous, except for the conversation we girls indulged ourselves in after the guys left last night.

saw a craptacular movie friday night: view from the top. and i'm ashamed to say that it was my suggestion. but i wasn't the only one who wanted to see it after seeing the funny part in the preview. in fact, pretty much everything i spent my money on this weekend (and one thing justin spent his money on for me) wasn't worth it.

1. fish-flavored mexican pizza at taco bell (justin's money)
2. terrible movie
3. hair dye to cover up bad highlighting idea (partly worth it: it did cover up the highlights that went horribly wrong)
4. a not-worth-it meal at ruby tuesday's
5. bad salad at wendy's

not doing so well with my money lately.

saturday on bowman field was great: played a little football, lost a little ultimate frisbee, committed a few hate crimes. wait, scratch that last one. church today was great, too. i would have to say that the highlight (no pun intended) of the weekend was the fun game and scandalous stories of saturday night. good times.

kinda stinks now because i feel really sick. think i might be getting a sinus infection or something. oh, well...on to homework.

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