November 21, 2003

i typed a long blog and it didn't post. ugh. so, here's the basic jist:

- i'm going to asheville tomorrow to shop and meet up with my co-counselor from this summer
- i was going to go to greenville with the guys tomorrow night to see ben's band (that he's not in anymore), but i might just meet up with them on my way back from asheville
- sunday we join the church and then we're going to lunch at pastor rountree's house
- monday is un dia cultural in my spanish class, so we're going to lunch at santa fe, and i'm going to have my car packed so i can just go straight home after that
- monday night i get to see david adedokun and hey mercedes...woo hoo!
- tuesday i'll go shopping for some ingredients for my peruvian dish
- tuesday evening i'm hanging out with the rents before the relatives come on wednesday
- viewing of a christmas story on wednesday night - our family's tradition
- thursday thanksgiving!
- friday or saturday i'll work on my peruvian dish, and maybe i'll do some shopping to visit andrew at his new jorb (express men)
- i think we get to meet clab's boyfriend (finally)

i think that about covers it. tonight's the first bball game of the season. vs. presbyterian college. i'm woot excited. adios for now.

November 20, 2003

oh yay. i saw days away, mae, rx bandits, and something corporate last night at the roxy in atlanta. and it was so sweet.

days away were pretty cool, but nothing too special.

mae was awesome. their keyboardest looks like he has so much fun. and i knew all of the songs. and they were just so good.

rx bandits were a lot of fun. jamie said they used to be ska. now they're less ska and more reggae/punk/rock. they were a lot of fun. they still have a trombone and saxophone, probably left over from they're ska days, but they're really good. and a lot of their music is political and social lyrically.

i was really surprised with something corporate. i have one of their albums: leaving through the window. they've got a new album out, but i knew most of the songs they played. the lead singer plays the piano, and hauls his own around with him on tour. it's painted beautifully, and he jumps around on it and everything. very energetic. i wonder how he does that night after night. it was dancing music.

so, the 4 hour concert was well worth it. and i get to see hey mercedes on monday. did i mention that?

tonight's the winter ball. oh i love my dress. it doesn't really fit, so i'll have to do some fun alterations, probably with safety pins tonight. and jacob said i could just do some sort of creative writing/vignette style article for it, which is perfect since i'm writing vignette's for an assignment in doc christie's class.

i think laurin's coming to visit this weekend. we'll have to think of some good things to do. or at least some things to do, because we're usually pretty boring.

ok, i've been lazy enough. i've been talking on im and playing on the internet since i got back from class, and it's time to get on the ball.

later, kids.

November 17, 2003

sb and i are going in front of the congregation next sunday to join the church (well, an associate membership, which means we keep our membership at our home churches). but i'm stoked. john boyte (associate pastor) suggested that i shouldn't wait till fall semester (after spain) because this way they can keep up with me in spain and all.

and i reunited with a family from my easley church, which was bizarre. actually, dale johnson teaches at erskine seminary, and they live across the street from the doc's office. crazy. they have a girl in 6th grade, and i gave her a ride to the barn bc she goes every week. she plays the flute, and i said i'd help her next year. and she likes to act. its like a little me. except she cheerleads. i never did that. but there was a time i wanted to. the time in 6th grade when i rode the bus home and sat in the back while rebecca danelly taught us cheers.

i also saw another easley person i haven't seen in ages: katie gossett. she works at express in the a-town mall. awesome.

and i called mrs. bost, so looks like i'll be singing in church over break once or twice.

i should restring my guitar, but i figure there's no point since i'll be leaving soon. i wish i could take her with me, but it's not very practical. maybe i'll find a music store there where they'll let me play the guitars. or maybe i'll sit in the awesome park that's near my pad and write a novel.

i want to meet mae on wednesday. i'll tell em it's my birthday (almost my birthday) and maybe they'll let me take a picture with them.

November 16, 2003

so ben lee's playing in atlanta this wednesday. the same day i'm going to see mae in the aforementioned city. the mae show's at 7, and ben lee's at 9. soco's headlining the mae show, which means mae should play first or second (rx bandits will also be there). so i got to thinking that i could possibly hit up both of the shows. man, that'd be sweet. and if the mae show's sold out, i still have the ben lee show to try out. i'll just get directions for the roxy and the cotton club...just in case.

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