September 05, 2003

i'm waiting on clab to get here, them we're a-gonna drive to rock thrill. should be good times had by all. 2 nights of music and good friends. and we all know how i can't resist a shaggy-haired, scrawny guy behind a microphone wearing a tight thrift store tshirt and vintage-worn jeans strumming an accoustic guitar and screamo-crooning at the top of his poetic lungs. yeah, should be a good two nights. i'll be back late tomorrow night, never fear. adios.
you know, i just can't be rude to the mci person on the phone when she's so polite and friendly...

September 04, 2003

i'm a dirty rotten liar.

in sixth grade, we had an end-of-the-year-dance after our "graduation ceremony" in the gym. (my elementary school went from preschool to 6th.) now, this dance was the big leagues, man. no parents. and everyone bought new clothes and stuff. like prom for the little ones. there was this guy in my grade named bj. he wasn't the best-looking fella in the 6th grade. at all. but, nevertheless, he proceded to ask nearly every girl in the 6th grade to be his date for the dance, even the unattainable girls who had a wardrobe stocked with matching limited too outfits. he asked all my friends, but must have over-looked me (i'm sure of it). but when all of my friends were talking about it, i chimed in: "yeah. yeah, bj asked me to the dance too. but i said no." that's right. i lied because even the ugly kid didn't ask me to the dance. which means i must have been either the ugly girl or geeky girl. my theory is that i was a nice blend of both. i had about 2 matching limited too outfits. so i lied. and i didn't dance with anyone at the dance. even though i had a new outfit. a black and gray checkered jumper over a black shirt. i remember it so vividly. me and my wallflower self in my checkered jumper...

i had to get this off of my chest to the world after enlightening steph about my dishonest past.

that's the third post for tonight. hope this gives you readers some entertainment.
i found this amusing while i was browsing through profiles at

Here's a poem for you, my sweet.

Y'all sissies at M-O-C, stand tall, step up, make that kissy face, state your case, laced with emo tact, so I can smack you back in place. Fact is, white belts, white lines, and white lies says your size is diet, hair's a riot, and you like your rock quiet

It's the look, the homogenous look you took from the fashionably conscious. The Buddy Holly, Thunders Johnny, all done ironically by the book with a Weezer twist, Modest Mouse lisp, and a greasy cyst named Chris, the emo Barney professional leading a swarmy sing-a-long about hair, this crap is everywhere and that strained stare. Yo I heard he sliced up with your lil sister on the tour bus in Duluth, he's sayin "better come get her"

Don't start, there's a bullseye I wear if you wanna mark it. Be warned, I'm target elusive, one miss and I swear I get abusive

...and then, the guy whose profile that was on had a link to his website, but when you go to it, your speakers scream "hey everybody! i'm looking at gay porn!!!" it was quite hilarious. and actually, his description is pretty good for moc...

tuesdays and thursdays this semester are going to be longer than they've ever been...on top of 4 classes (and, most likely, convo, i always have a nice little pile of dr. little homework awaiting me in my room. and you can't just bs shakespeare, you know. or at least, i can't. i'd feel guilty if i didn't at least make an attempt to read and comprehend the assignment. maybe i should start spreading my shakespeare homework over the whole week.

oh, crap, i just realized i forgot to meet melanie at 8 to talk about bible study. oops. steph and i were deep in spanish conversation, as it was spanish hour in our room. ah, well, i'll have to email her. i hate forgetting things.

carlos took a picture for me while he was on the camino aragonés this summer (same thing as the camino de santiago...we took the camino francés...just different routes). anyway, all over spain, houses will have tile signs on the outside of them. so, he took a picture of one that says "casa isabel". (isabel is my name in spanish.)...send me on a plane tomorrow...

i just had a great conversation...thanks, tab!

September 03, 2003

i know you've been waiting with bated breath to find out what i've been up to today. lots-o-classes, but they all went pretty well. but i'm not looking forward to sociology tomorrow. or any other day for that matter. but maybe it'll get good. but maybe not. i met my parents in greenwood for dinner today, and they brought some stuff back to the dorm for me. like my microwave. now i can pop that 94% fat free kettle corn that i love so dearly (give me a "toot toot" keystone counselors' room).

this is where i'll be this weekend. and i get to hang out with my winthropian chicas. sweet. but i'm heading back saturday night after the show so i can go to new covenant in the morning.

early morning tomorrow so, i think i'll get some reading done and then go to bed. night all.

"man is a mere phantom as he goes to and fro: he bustles about, but only in vain; he heaps up wealth, not knowing who will get it. but now, Lord, what do i look for? my hope is in You." -- Psalm 39:6-7
I’m actually typing this in word because blogger’s not working, but I wanted to go ahead and blog this before it slipped away. So, you’ll see I’m using capitals only because word auto-edits stuff.

last night I saw derek webb (former lead singer/songwriter of popular christian band caedmon’s call) in concert at new covenant church in anderson. And it was sweet. He’s an excellent lyricist and really knows how to minister through his music. Or, rather, God really uses him to minister through music. That’s better. Between every few songs he would talk a lot about the church and christianity, and he was really insightful and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed it. He inspired me both musically and spiritually. Webb’s wife also played a lot of songs with him. She has a gorgeous voice and is a great musician, but, when she sings, you can’t always catch the lyrics.

September 01, 2003

guess shwhat??????? my internet's working now. thanks, lucas.

today is labor day. but that doesn't matter to erskine college. it was also the first day of classes. thankfully, my first class didn't start till 10. shakespeare with dr. little. my 12 o'clock doesn't meet till tomorrow. and then i had spanish-american civ at 1:30. not a bad day at all. and i'm excited about the books i get to read for my contemporary american novel class (12 o'clock). it'll be a lot of reading this semester, but it's cool. i can't wait to get into the swing of things.

ok, gonna go play nintendo with the fellas.

TorchSongHero: you get it now chumslut. ( response to my roommate throwing fruitsnacks at my head.)

August 31, 2003

back at erskine. my internet's not working, though, so i'm on steph's pc. hope i can get the internet fixed soon. i got here around 4 today. i'm finally unpacked, but the walls are pretty bare. i'm actually thinking about going to bed soon, i'm so tired. i couldn't get my mailbox open because i forgot the combinationl. hopefully i'll be able to do that tomorrow before class because i don't know when or where my classes meet. and my schedule's in my box. classes probably won't be too long tomorrow anyway. i have to buy books. ok goodnight.

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