July 26, 2003

ah, time off is sweet. we got our cabin assignments yesterday. i'm in crow's nest once again with claudia corredor (she's from colombia). so, it's all good. last night, 5 of us went to eat at olive garden then went shopping. ah, shopping. then we watched a movie in pisgah (erin's cabin). good times. "i wish i hadn't overloaded my donkey!" - from a book of virtues tape we found in allie's car and tortured amy liss and bec by listening to.

today erin and i are going to the carl sandburg home (after we catch some breakfast). then my pals will be here eventually. right. so, gotta run.

July 24, 2003

ok, the end of the session's going pretty well. last night we had a dance with camp carolina and they had a few live bands (made up of counselors and some campers). a couple of them weren't too shabby. one played some hardcore/punk music and it brought me back to shows with my brother and his friends at uncle doctors, the warehouse, and new brookland. so, i started practically thrash dancing and i think some of my campers were a bit shocked. and now my neck hurts.

then last night i threw a surprise goodbye party for my co-counselor, because she's leaving after this session (sniff, sniff). it was fun times. today was team games today, and now i'm sitting around waiting for dinner.

tomorrow night we're hanging out in brevard, going to some restaurant. but i think i'm going to dress up for the heck of it. saturday, justin, terry, and steppy are coming to hang out with me. i'm so excited! and hopefully the following weekend i'll be going home to see biv and tinkers punishment at new brookland.

alrighty, later my homeslices.

July 23, 2003

howdy. it's a beautiful day. but not because of the weather. it's because it's the last day of activities here at keystone camp for the 4-week session. tonight we have a cookout and dance at a boys camp. tomorrow is team games day, and the kids leave on friday. friday night we're off till saturday afternoon. and sounds like i may have some visitors on saturday. yay! peace.

July 21, 2003

hola. i've been online way too much at camp. i was never on this much last year. it's nice. quite nice. only 3 more days left in this session. this weekend i think we might go to the carl sandburg home. i haven't been there since elementary school. i have this picture of me and one of my friend posing by the scarecrows. and we're way young. and maybe we'll do chimney rock. i think a casey jones visit may be necessary.

so, i really have nothing of relevance to say.

oh, two of my campers from last session sent me and jordan a package. it was so sweet. it was pictures in frames and tapes. but i haven't listened to my tape yet. i'm excited.

July 20, 2003

well, only one more week left in this camp session. hard to believe. everyone was planning on going to belle chere (a music festival in asheville) this weekend on our time off. and i was going to go bc it was going to be the last chance i would get to hang with my co-counselor, jordan. but now she's not going. so, don't think i am either because:
1. i don't want to spend money on a hotel.
2. i don't know any of the bands playing.
3. i've been driving a lot lately, and it'd be nice to just stay around the area (unless i decide a trip to the asheville mall is necessary...i hear american eagle is having a huge sale)
4. i haven't done any mountain sight-seeing at all this summer.
so, there you have it. actually, luke and jesse, if you boys read this anytime soon, let me know what your plans are for friday night, cause i'd like to meet yall somewhere. or, if you're real ambitious, you could drive up here to see me. alrighty, later for now.

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