October 04, 2003

"it's girls like you that make me think i'm better off home on a saturday night with all my doors locked up tight. i won't be thinking about you baby.

this isn't high school."

(brand new - "last chance to lose your keys")

i'm in the midst of reading twelfth night again and taking notes for my research paper. luckily it's like my favorite shakespeare play. the plan was to go to the library tonight so i could watch some of the videos for that class, but i changed my mind and decided to stay in to do some work tonight. maybe library tomorrow.

the new hey mercedes album comes out this week. i'm there. i also need to look into getting an mp3 player, or at least start comparing prices.

i bought new blistex at walmart today and then i lost it either in my car or walking into the dorm. stupid.

brand new's playing in atlanta on nov. 3 with hot rod circuit and eisley.

October 03, 2003

blogger's trying to get me to take a 15 minute survey...as if i have 15 extra minutes to spare. piff.

courage riley had their final show tonight at new brookland tavern. it was a great show. they ended with "you'll always remember", a beautiful song, but encored (sp?) with "captains of industry" a quite cool song. man, that adedokun has some stamina in his voice. incredible.

and i saw burns out bright for the first time. pretty good.

jordan was around nbt, so i got to talk with her about life and how hopefully she'll be at clemson next year. sweet.

ew. my hair smells like smoke. but i think i'll wait for the shower till tomorrow because i am oh so tired. i think i'll be in the library for a while tomorrow, in case you were curious. i'm behind (significantly) on watching the videos for shakespeare and i have a nice little pile of work to do.

but now, i just want to collapse.

October 02, 2003

week number 5's almost up. last night church was great. i played volleyball with the kids forever and had a blast. then i went to denny's to catch a late dinner and get some work done. unfortunately, walmart didn't have the ink cartridge i needed. when i got back here it was pretty late. but it's ok, because it was a good night.

tonight the championship intramural soccer team's going out for dinner. but i can't join them because i have women's chorale, sinfonia, and bible study. ah, well. they'd better design a kickin tshirt, though.

i've gotta research peru for a presentation tomorrow.

October 01, 2003


i realized something about myself lately that i'm not too proud of. so, i'll work on/pray about that one.

September 30, 2003

oh man, my previously below par time management skills bit me in the butt this morning with my returned take-home sociology test. yeah, i know what you're thinking, take-home tests are easy. well, i just don't care that much about the sociology class because i thought it'd be oh so easy. hence, i didn't spend much time on the test. "big mistake. huge." but i've been so much more productive the past like week and a half, as evidenced as my constant presence studying in watkins or java city.

almost finished with cider house rules.

i can't believe dr little scheduled rehearsal for friday till 4. ugh. that means i'll have to haul it outta there to get home for the concert at 6.

September 29, 2003

i've been slack with the blog, but that's because i've been gone all weekend and i've been working hard (or hardly working?) since i got back to school.

first, the retreat: it was just what the doctor ordered. and how perfect that it was held in some of God's most beautiful country in the southeast, the blue ridge mtns. the speaker was really good, the music was great, and the fellowship was fun. but i know what my favorite part was. it was the devotional times each morning. i haven't been that focused in a long time. it was so peaceful, and beautiful. everyone that went was really cool, and i got to know a lot of people better. i want to go to the mountains every weekend.

now i'm back at school, but i think my attitude toward a lot of issues (both personal and not so personal) has improved. now i need to work on spiritually preparing myself for spain. being at erskine, i'm surrounded by christian influence, but it won't be so easy in madrid.

i've got lots of work to do this weekend, so sorry if i'm not too keen on hanging out. but still ask, because i may (and most likely will) need a break.

this friday is courage riley at new brookland. i can't wait.

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