August 27, 2004

further seems forever.

i saw these guys last night. along with salem, brandston, and the kicks at headliners in the vista. i've never really hung out much in the vista, but headliners is a good venue. i went with heather and met up with jamie and a friend of heather's there. it's always nice to go to shows with people.

columbia night life theory.
i figure there's a progression to the whole columbia night life. when you're young, like early on in high school, and if you're down with the "scenesters", then you hang out on state street at new brookland tavern, the courtyard, and cafe stroodle. if you're not so down with the scenesters, you'll probably hang out at the rush's in lexington after football games or at the mall. once you get in college (assuming you're attending usc) and obtain a fake i.d. or actually turn 21, you start spending your evenings in five points at places like delaney's, speak easy, the village idiot, and so on. or, if you're a skank-ho, you'll prefer places akin to rafters. ok, so my friend anita says once you stop needing to go out to hook up with someone (if you already have a significant other or, i suppose, feel you're above that), then you hang out in the vista. this is pretty much all along gervais street. there are plenty of high-class places, but there's also places like banana joe's, which i've never been to, but hear is quite dodgy. i think, after that (and if you're actually making good money), you probably go to places like meritage, a swank spanish tapas bar which i want to go to, but is really expensive. but, dagnabit, if i date someone from cola town, they'd better take me there sometime.

goodbye, pipeline. hello, erskine!
it's my last day at work. i'm not too sad because this means it's time for school to start. yay, school! looking at the pictures of the little freshmeats makes me wanna be at erskine real bad. i miss my java city couch, which is where you'll find me between all my classes. two of the ladies i've become closest to here at work gave me little gifts; they're so sweet. lynne gave me a book with a home-made bookcover and the sweetest card ever. monica gave me a little glass heart dish. it's a replica of the depression glass. i also got two free meals out just for leaving. man, i should leave the pipeline more often. of course, on my last day, there are a bunch of big-wigs coming in for a meeting. hopefully they won't bug me too much after we've set out the snack tables for them.

i had some coffee this morning. only about half a mug. i needed it after getting in late last night. it perked me up a bit. so, i think it was legit. but i still haven't had sodas or tea or junkfood (ok, i did have a brownie that monica made, but that was just being polite).

watch out, claire danes.

does anyone know who ben lee is? if you answered "yes", please answer the following: would you be interested in going to see him in atlanta on sunday, october 3rd? i seriously might send out a root email about this to erskine folks. i'm sure i won't have much luck, but i desperately want to see this guy, and i'm skeptical about driving in atlanta by myself at night, so i'll try to find a companion or two. (oh, in reference to the subtitle: ben lee's been dating claire danes for like 6 or 7 years now.)

August 26, 2004

well, i was going to stick a photo in here, just for fun (isn't it more fun when posts start with pictures?), but photobucket made it so flippin huge. i don't feel like messing with the size right now, so no photo.

this week's just speeding along. and i'm glad for that. monday and tuesday i had zero stuff to do at work, other than the normal receptionist duties. yesterday, everyone and his brother asked me to do something or another. but it was easy stuff. i got to take notes in a meeting again. that's important, yes it is. today some coworkers are taking me out to lunch again. we're going to fatz...yay!

so, trivia night next week should be big, right? i sure hope so.

looks like tonight i might be going to see further seems forever, brandston, and the kicks at headliners. sounds like fun.

i don't understand olympic diving so much. gymnastics; you can pretty much tell when someone screws up. the dives always look incredible to me, and then someone goes and gets a crappy score. do the judges watch the slow motion replays before they give their scores? obviously, they know what to look for, but the dives are just so fast, that it seems like it would be hard to tell. i thought i liked watching diving, but after a while, it gets a little old.

u.s.a. men's volleyball, on the other hand: what an incredible match last night with greece. i love volleyball.

looks like i'll be moving in on sunday after all. but that's ok. i think i'll start packing tomorrow. it really shouldn't take that long. hey, does anyone know the best method for putting picture frames up on the blasted dorm walls? hammer and nail? those walls are tough as mess, but i want to hang my blown-up europe photos because they'll add some class to the dorm.

August 24, 2004

that's right. i've finally finished. i've been there and back again (see map) with the shire folk and the others. i must say, i really enjoyed reading the lord of the rings, and am nearly sad to see it end. now, i can watch the 3rd and final dvd again. and i'll continue reading owen meany.
i wonder if steph wants to move back to erskine on saturday instead of sunday. that'd be nice.
and matt, thanks for the suggestion, dad and i are thrilled about going to see baby geniuses 2. i kid i kid. honestly, though, how did it make it to the theaters?
detox week going well so far. no coffees, sodas or teas have been ingested, and i'm going strong with the no junk food decision. it's only been a day. but that's good for me.

August 23, 2004

detox week.

ok, not exactly full-on detox. (i was checking out some articles online about it, and people go for weeks on juice diets...somehow that just doesn't seem so bright.) so, i'm just cutting out coffee, sodas, and tea for a while. and junk food. we'll see how long this lasts, shall we?

i didn't do much at all this weekend, but that's what was good about it. besides, next weekend'll be big, what with moving in and all. i don't even remember what times my classes are. i know i get to get up mwf for an 8am because i'm doing easy spanish class s.i., but that'll be fun. and i have an acting class in the afternoons at some weird hour with doc christie, but maybe that'll give me an edge for the lead role i'll be auditioning for.

are there any good movies out this weekend? i think dad and i are going to go on a dinner-and-a-movie-date.

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