May 01, 2004

i have so much crap. seriously. i keep my schoolwork every year. that means, filed away somewhere in this collage i call my room, i probably have stuff from elementary school. isn't that ridiculous? i think so.

so, since i'm living here this summer (there's not really much chance of the bro moving out of the frog), i've decided to take upon the project of gutting my room. and taking some of this crap off the walls too. and maybe i'll hang up this random spain map i found in my room. i guess my parents put it there?

commence project gut room.

i also plan on taking hip-hop dance classes this summer. did i tell you that? yep. i think with nita. in fact, i have a whole list of things i want to do this summer. we'll see how much gets accomplished, eh?

April 30, 2004

change of plans. no jump show on saturday. well, there is one. i'm just not going. i really don't feel like going all the way to charleston, especially if i'm thinking about going the following weekend anyway. i know i'll see them sometime in the future. i still love em, they're just not my top-priority band at the moment. especially since their crowd consists of screaming teenage girls (which i can't say much about, a mere couple of years ago, i was one of them).

actually, there are two sweet shows going on at new brookland. two. the early one's at like 5pm. cool hand luke. former members of courage riley. that means david a. i love him. the late show's around 9pm and from safety to where is playing. maybe i should just spend all evening hovering near new brookland and courtyard. who's with me? nita? thanks.

so, that's what i'll hopefully be doing on saturday.

tomorrow i think i'm meeting sarah and peter for lunch. indian cuisine. that should be fun. and mom and i are going to see annie get your gun at village square.

that's all for now. i'm crashing.

April 29, 2004

first time back to erskine tonight. watched the exciting softball game, which was loads of fun, even though we lost. then hung out at corbit's in anderson for a bit. then a quick run to taco bell for some dearly-missed chicken quesadillas. good times. except the long drive home. that's kind of no fun.

and if i didn't get to see you tonight, i'll be back at erskine monday for the english department dinner and some hanging out, of course. so, do your homework early. got it? good.

i really should go to sleep now.

April 28, 2004

i'm back i'm back i'm back i'm back i'm back.

i'm jet-lagged i'm jet-lagged i'm jet-lagged i'm jet-lagged.

seriously, though. it's like almost 5pm in madrid. how can i sleep anymore. even though i'm still tired. i slept fairly well on the chairs in london gatwick airport. and fairly less well on the plane. but steph's right, i wasn't as impressed with the in-flight movie selection as last time.

i think i'll take the dog for a walk. and wash lotsa clothes. and take my pictures to be developed. that means i get to drive my car!!! yay!! and tonight...there might be a softball game on the docket...

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