December 26, 2003

oh, i almost forgot...HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY TO MY PAL SB!!!!

December 25, 2003


what a great holiday. let me tell you about my interesting christmas eve. first, i'm in my pajamas half the day, and kevin mcvicker shows up at our door. i haven't seen that kid in years. (he was friends with my bro, and i used to hang out with them when we were really little and play teenage mutant ninja turtles with them. they ignored me because i was younger and uncool.) tim wasn't home, so my parents and i talked with kevin for a bit. he's going to clemson and working at a bar up there. quite the outlandish visit.

last night the singing went really well. rob whetsel showed up at my church for the christmas eve service, which was also outlandish. it was cool to see him. oh, and shane from silers bald was there. i didn't even know that our sound guy, j. wayne, was his dad. crazy.

on my way home, i run out of gas. about 2 minutes from my house. mom and dad are over at nana's, but they arrive after about 20 minutes of sitting in my car on the side of the road in the dark. and in those 20 minutes only one person stops to see if i need help. and it was a girl my age. what an angel. half of the drivers approaching from behind me flash their brights at me to get me to move further off the road. as if i can. my car was dead. i finally got home, after my parents arrived and dad gave me a little gas, and after a quick trip to the gas station. all in all, it was a humbling and humorous situation.

it's been a great christmas. i got the super sweet camera i had my eye on from best buy. so, expect to see some awesome pictures from europe once i get back.

time to get ready to go to nana's for christmas dinner.

have a good one!

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