July 19, 2003

and i'm back. back home, that is. this time i brought someone with me. tenessa (counselor from tampa) came along for the ride. tonight we went to steph's house to hang with the girls for a few, then we dropped by courtyard. i was disappointed that there weren't many people hanging out. ah, well. biv's playing with tinker's punishment on august 1. and if i have my 24 then, you'd better believe i'll be there with bells on. anyhoo, tomorrow we'll probably go shopping. i want to look for a new bathing suit. bout time i got one. especially if i'm going to florida after camp.

i talked to jennifer last night. my best friend since forever. it was so great to hear her voice, and i will most likely be seeing her when i head down to the sunshine state. (i'll be seeing missy in jacksonville and jenn lives in st. augustine...very close.)

i got stung by something yesterday. a bee. a wasp. i dunno. anyhoo, it's all swollen on my leg and inflamed a bit. i may have to check in with the nurse when i get back to camp. but i'll deal with that later cause it's my time off.

so would it be super corny if i wanted to sing and play "good riddance (time of your life)" by greenday for camp next week (the last week of the session)? or maybe just for my cabin? the chords were super-easy to figure out and i can already play and sing it. and it sounds pretty good, if i do say so myself.

i just put a whole bunch of cream stuff on my sting. ah.

i was just about to type something that i had already typed. i think that means it's time for bed. night.

July 14, 2003

hello ladies and gents. what's shakin? i'll tell you what's shakin on my end. camp. that's about it. except for saturday, during my time off, i met jesse and luke for lunch. so, that was sweet. i miss those boys, and everyone else, for that matter. (tell me how the anberlin cd is, fellas.) this weekend i think i'm heading home again. i figured instead of the girls coming up to see me, i'll just go down instead. besides, i really can't spend a ton of money this weekend.

so, i went to church with another counselor and a small group of campers on sunday. as it turns out, they used to shuttle campers to church each week. well, we went to an episcopaleon (sp?) church. extremely traditional. no singing. all reading prayers from a book. definitely not my style. but it was worth a shot. i really have missed sunday morning worship, and i'm excited about finding a new church when i get back to school.

i've also written a lot of songs this summer, but i don't know that i'll ever be confident enough to sing them in public. but it makes me happy anyway.

less than 4 weeks to go, kids. incredible.

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