April 17, 2003

it's kind of easter break. just got back from rehearsal. came home to an empty room, which was surprising. i figured people'd be hanging out in here. the dorm's pretty empty. most everyone's gone home for easter weekend. but not me. not me. yet.

rehearsal starts at 9:30am tomorrow and goes till ?. exciting stuff. sorry i don't have something more interesting for you to chew on.

i got my reprints from anderson today. they gave me 5 i didn't want, but i didn't check the pictures till later, so that kind of stinks. ah, well. it's ok. i got koon's pictures, which are great, and i'm going to get copies of them made this weekend, i suppose.

registration time is just around the corner. looks like i'll be taking 2 english courses, 1 spanish, sociology or psychology or both, and some other stuff that i can't remember.

hooray for going home tomorrow!
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