April 04, 2003

i really like #8 on the used's cd. "blue and yellow". yeah, i do like the used. and i really wish i could've gone with tim and peter to see them play at usc (if tim and peter went...i assume they did).

and i like these lyrics...they're fun:
what's going on?
what's up with all our friends?
let's start a rumor
just to find out where it ends
cause a small town is like a small stage
for teenagers and their drama
instead of playing shows, we'll be showing plays
like 90210 without the beverly hills

- relient k - "hoopes i did it again" (ironically, also #8 on their new album...)

it's about to be clemson weekend. we're going there sometime tonight. i should be getting work done right now so i don't have to cram it all into sunday evening. that's just no good. i think we're going to frankie's fun park tonight with a bunch of erskinites, as long as most everyone's cool with it.

man, i made a mess this morning...such a goof. i dropped my fiction writing notebook and everything fell out of it. everything. you know how annoying it's going to be to put back together?

i'm pretty excited about this new story i'm writing, potentially for the free times contest. either way, i'm having fun writing it. maybe i'll let you read it when it's done.

oh, another song i like mucho: feeling left out's "unspoken word". it's an apostrophe to an aborted child. good song.

April 03, 2003

just call steph and i the adventurousome duo. that's right. why, you may ask?

(*some names have been changed to protect the very, very guilty...or at least to protect those who have been effected by the erskine rumor mill.)

i'm sitting at my computer (where i spend approximately 88.2% of my dorm life), innocently ordering a rosebud cd online. steph is studying restlessly in her loft above me. (for those of you who don't know, my computer resides underneath steph's bed.) clearly exasperated by her work, she says "let's go on the roof."
there is a pause (for dramatic effect) as i allow her statement to sink in. "excuse me?" i say, in a clear state of confusion.
"let's go up on the roof."
"the roof?"
"yeah, the roof."
now, readers, you must understand something here. my roommate, wonderful as she is, just doesn't normally suggest ridiculous stunts such as climing on the robinson dorm roof. in fact, she doesn't talk much at all. she's practically mute. i usually have to drag a conversation out of her. (a bit of a hyperbole on my part...sorry.)
"how are we going to get on the roof?" i'm still confused at her suggestion.
"i hear there's a ladder in the third floor stairwell."
"so, let's go up on the roof."
"right now?"
"...yeah. do you have a flashlight?" she asks as she descends the loft eagerly, "we might need one."
"actually, i think i do." i pull a small maglite out of my backpack. (i'm not quite sure why it was there...maybe for astronomy lab.)
"ok, let's go."
we walk down the hall, both giggling like giddy schoolgirls. (wait...we are giddy schoolgirls...right.) once we make it to the third floor, "wait." steph glances down the hall to make sure the coast is clear. "ok, go ahead." i ascend the ladder and open the small hatch leading to the attic. my line of sight rises above the attic floor, which is covered in pink insulation. for a split second, i am tempted to frolic through the pink fluff as if they are clouds and i'm a carefree carebear. i quickly snap back to reality. (now you see how my twisted mind works.) there's another ladder positioned just in front of the trapdoor to the attic. steph joins me in the attic and i ascend the next ladder to the trapdoor which opens onto the roof. as steph holds the light, i fiddle with the latch, which is held together by a piece of thick wire. we're happy to see the the wire bends pretty easily, but one corner of the trapdoor seems to be stuck or sealed.
"we need a crowbar," steph suggests, knowing that there's not one readily available. nice, steph. real nice. we realize we must use our keen resourcefullness.
"do you see a board or piece of wood or somethign lying around?" i ask, hopefully.
"yeah, actually," she shines the light on a long, conveniently curved board and grasps it adeptly.
i take the board from her and carefully wedge it in the door. "how'd you find out about this anyway?" i ask.
"well, i think blaire's* been up here before and rory* used to come up here to drink beers, i've heard."
"oh." just then i manage to break the wedged corner free, and a rush of cool air washes through the steam-bath of an attic. i push the door over, and it crashes loudly on the shingles of the roof. oops. hope no one heard that. i slowly crawl onto the roof, which is steeper than expected, and hope that no one on the circle sees us. who would be looking on the roof anyway? steph joins me. she's wearing a skirt and flip-flops. poor attire planning on her part for roof climbing activities. guess she didn't get the memo. we both crab-walk around to the back of the building so that we're not in view of the little people walking about around the circle. then we proceed to crab-walk to the peak of the roof.
"we're above the trees up here," steph observes, rolling onto her stomach and relaxing while grasping to the roof for dear life.
"yeah, look at all the stars." we look at the sky for maybe 30 seconds before we decide we're both scared crapless that we might just slide off the roof at any moment. we agree it's time to go in. crab-walking down the steep incline, we notice that a few people are standing on the sidewalk below us. we become suspicious. they aren't looking up at the roof, but we suppose that they may have spotted us and are about to run to the nearest authority to make sure we're given notices. they're just standing there, casually, to make us sweat. we make our way toward the trapdoor as the people walk off. maybe they've let us off the hook. steph climbs in first, and i follow. we climb down both ladders and return safely to our dorm room. thus ends our adventure on the roof of robinson dorm.

and that, my friends, is why you should call us the adventursome duo.

(dedicated to mr. justin coates, who inspires me in my blogging endeavors)
it's another skirt day. so beautiful outside, i just had to wear a skirt. maybe i'll wear another one tomorrow, weather permitting.

it's been a nice day. got up, worked out and watched some more dawson's creek (i am not addicted), went to convo, went to a-town with corey and jesse, ate at taco bell, went to goodwill, walmart, back to school, worked on some homework. it's just about time for women's chorale, quick easy-mac dinner in the dorm, sinfonia, choraleers concert. whew. then back to the room for more work. that's got to be one of the most boring things i've blogged. but, according to "a fan" in my guestbook, he just can't survive without knowing all the minutae of my life. understandable.

women's chorale...later, cats.

April 02, 2003

someone re-orient me...i'm having a hard time here.

for some reason, i just feel like sleeping. it's only 9pm. and, no, i'm not depressed or anything. in fact, i'm in a quite good mood. i just don't feel like doing anything.

maybe i could motivate myself to start my story.

after i finish reading these online comics. they're super fun.
::yawns uncontrollably::

well, i just woke up from a 3-hr nap. i feel a little disoriented. i had some weird dreams. and i thought i kept waking up periodically, but i was really just dreaming of being awake. so you can see why i feel disoriented.

nice day today. this is how spring should be. every day.

um, right, not much going on. i'm going to go wake up some more.
i am saddened by the lack of responses to the poll. come on, people. 8 responses? and that's including myself.
feeling much better now, by the way, thanks to my visit to the greenwood coffeeshop, where i read some max lucado. that's right folks. i read something other than a class assignment.

to add to routine:
go to coffeeshop once a week and read something strictly for pleasure. or get someone to come with.

April 01, 2003

well, folks, it has returned...at least for a day. most of you may remember the oh-so-successful "daily poll" that steph and i posted each day for a nice little stint last year. many actually complained when we stopped posting it. we just got tired of thinking of questions, really. i thought, for a nice surprise, that i would bring it back. don't get too excited, this probably won't be a permanent thing. but, here it is:

bi-tri-sorta annual poll: for 1 billion dollars would you walk into your cafeteria and take off all of your clothes? for 1 million? $100,000? $1,000? $100?? why or why not? (note: you would not have to stand naked for a prescribed amount of time.)

LunaMayonaise617: i'd do it for 100 as long as i didn't get arrested because my anal virgininty is priceless.
CrimsonColorEye: For one billion dollars, I would walk into the cafeteria, take off my clothes, and get up on every table and do a table dance. Then I would procede to go into the back of the cafeteria and put my member in the cassarole of the day. For one million dollars, I would probably do everything but the cassarole. For one hundred thousand, I'd just take the clothes off. For one thousand, I'd take them off, but not for long. For one hundred, thats just not enough money for public nudity. It would cost more then that to bail me out of jail. Maybe if I could use a sock for one hundred....
screwtape617: i would shamelessly take my clothes off for a billion dollars, shamelessly because i am all man, and without hesitation because i know how much money a billion dollars is. i think that this question is a good determing factor toward rational thought, if someone turns down a billion dollars just because they won't be naked for a second, they are not thinking rationally. you came into this world naked, you leave naked, why not make a BILLION dollars naked? thats what i say.
Tphan220: i would do it for 1 billion and 1 million because even though i dont like naked, it would only be for a second. i would not do it for 1000 or 100 because it wouldnt take that long to earn that money in a respectable way. drug dealing for instance.
GnosticinAncient: for a billion dollars? shoot, i'd go to all my classes in the buff for that! I know, i know, money isn't everything..... But that much money's close :-)
pursefanatic18: i don't think that i would. i'm not up for facing the years of ridicule that would follow.
TorchSongHero: i'd do it for no less that $2,000. well, for $1,000, i'd think about it long and hard. then i might go ahead and do it, because i'm poor. think about it kids. just think. ridicule, schmidicule. besides, if you get a billion dollars for it, i doubt anyone'd be ridiculing you. i think they'd be pretending to be your friend just because you would be a billionaire. and they'd want a piece, the dirty shmucks.
amillioneyes: i'd do it for a million.
SShoger82: there are some things money just can't buy - and dignity is one of them!
and i really really don't want to go to lab tonight. ugh.
i'm kind of sad at the moment. but i deserve it because i've been so gosh darn cheery lately. so, let me be depressed for a little while, will ya?
i just had a great idea for a short story to submit to the free times contest. screw all of these other ideas.
if you haven't seen the new johnny cash video (cover of nin's "hurt"), you should. (thanks, justin.) for me, music videos have always been insightful--whether into the mind of the producer or musician, or into the meaning of the song or whatnot. johnny cash's cover of "hurt" is extremely evocative, and the video does it justice, i think.

favorite music videos right now:
johnny cash - "hurt" (nin)
red hot chili peppers - "can't stop"

ok, so there was definitely a dawson's creek marathon on while i was in the workout room this morning. and you, my faithful few readers, know that dawson's used to be (and still is) my vice. so, when i got back to the room i turned it on while i was getting ready. some of the very first episodes. exciting stuff.

March 31, 2003

i'm a workout fool. i feel so refreshed and so clean clean. no, wait, wrong song. anyhoo, it was good times. i'm going to get back into a routine, promise. and then, come camp counselor time, i won't be huffing and puffing exhaustedly trying to keep up with the girls.

which reminds me, i had a very strange dream about the first night of camp the other night. we had a huge slumber party at the beginning of the session, because it was some sort of tradition. it was a nightmare, i tell ya.

ok, too much funny conversation going on in my room to blog now, catch you cats later.
it most certainly was not "porn night" last night. and, yes, my blog was taken over by pod people (or, rather, one pod person. or, rather, a shifty character that hangs out with my roommate every so often).

so, anyhoo, spring break has come and gone. it's back to the proverbial grindstone. i can't believe we only have 5ish weeks left. what the crap did i do this year? i'm almost a junior. scary.

March 30, 2003

oh no, my blog has been taken over by pod people. ahhhhhhh! so anyway its porn night, come one, come all.
godspell at village square was pretty good tonight. i must say, though, i'm a bit disappointed. all of the cast members were good, but the music overpowered the singing. and the cast just didn't seem right with middle-aged people in it. no offense, i just think it would've worked better with all teenagers/colleges kids. just my worthless opinion.

after the show, i tried to get in touch with ashley. no luck there. aparently her boyfriend took her skydiving for her birthday. skydiving? yeah, skydiving.

so, i decided to swing by new brookland to see if the show there was over or not. hung out with some kids there for a bit, now i'm back home, and about to get ready for bed.

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