November 13, 2003

i've sorta been fading in and out of everything today. i took a two hour nap this afternoon, during which time, steph tells me, the phone rang twice, and sb came by the room for a while. and i missed all this. then steph and i were late to women's chorale because we both fell asleep again, but when we got to memorial i remembered that it was cancelled. i'm feeling very chill now. and very sluggish. i'm going to finish my research paper, work out, shower, and finish the rest of my work.

there's a bebo norman (big name in the christian music scene) concert in lesesne tonight, but i changed my mind, and i'm not going. i know nothing about this guy's music, and, even though it's free, i'd rather get a good night's sleep than go to bed late again.

tomorrow's friday again. woohoo! we only have 2.5 weeks left in this semester. how sweet is that? too sweet.

i looked up the map online of where i'll be living next semester in madrid. (we got our housing assignments tuesday.) there's this huge park right near my apartment, and jessica says it's quite cool. so i'm quite excited. my senora's a writer and she has one daughter (but it didn't give the ages of either of them). maybe her daughter's close to my age and she can show me around and let me hang out with her friends.

plan for this weekend:
friday - sinfonia concert, matrix with sb
saturday - day trip to asheville, lunch with jordan (yay!)
sunday - church, barn

November 12, 2003

stayed up a little late last night, but it's all good. to get myself going this afternoon i straightened up my side of the room. which i never do. ask steph, this is momentous. but i need to clean out my desk so i can take all this crap home over thanksgiving.

ah. i forgot what i was going to say...

oh. i got some work to do today, as usual. i think after church tonight i'll go to jittery joes with the intentions of getting my work done. then maybe i'll go by denny's, once joe's closes. and if i get outta church in time, i want to go by best buy to try to find the "heya" single. cause i only want the single. yeah, most of the album's good, and quite unique, but also obscene in places. i just want that song cause it makes me wanna shake it like a polaroid picture.

sarabeth gave me a coupon for a free chick-fil-a sandwich. sb's the coolest! she also let me hang out in her room last night, which is what kept me up. but she's still the coolest!

November 10, 2003

andrew w.k.'s playing at new brookland tonight. i'm sure that's, um, quite a show.

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, JESSE JAMES BIONDI!!! (in about 20 min, it'll actually be your birthday, and you won't be a teenager anymore. time to grow up, dork! ha ha.)

i've still got some studying to do. and then i'll read till i fall asleep. steph went to walmart with that boy. i think she wanted some icing. mmm. icing.

oh man am i stoked about thanksgiving break. it better hurry up and get here. so i can see hey mercedes and my cousin and her fiance i haven't met and my aunt and uncle who are the coolest and my grandmother who rocks and my brother who's going to take me to the bar speak easy over christmas break. i'm holding him to it.

but first, november 19th better get here fast. i'm going to that mae show in atlanta whether anyone else is or not. i just don't know how to get tickets. i looked online, but couldn't find any info. hm. i'll try again later.

mae and hey mercedes in less than a week? i'm down.

and i have a hair appointment for the 26th. i'm going to be a whole new person. maybe. at least i'll get rid of these shameful roots.
so i finished the main part of my spanish homework and did a rough power point presentation for contemporary american novel. which i might mejorar tonight. now i'm getting outta the room. going to work out. and it's going to feel oh so good.

sga at 9, hall meeting at 10, more work to do...

it's gonna be a long night.

November 09, 2003

like whoa. hey mercedes is definitely going to be at new brookland tavern on the 24th. oh man am i excited. and david adedokun's playing with them. oh man oh man. i'm there. and maybe i'll just skip classes on tuesday (hopefully i don't have any tests or whatnot) and stay home that night. oh man.

so sweet.

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