November 08, 2002

luke, sorry to hear about you dream girl disappointment. didn't i tell you not to get your hopes up? when will you start listening to me? honestly...

oh, i can hardly contain my excitement! the girls (namely, chrl, clab, and syddie) are coming tonight and spending the weekend at our fabulous campus. 8 mile comes out tonight. i have very high expectations for eminem as an actor, which is completely against my philosophy. but i think i'm right about this one.

little mary sunshine round #2 tonight.

ha ha. dr. gettys was in the strangest mood today. we were looking at paintings from the northern european renaissance, and he kept pointing out the people in the paintings and saying things like "well, this guy looks like he's had a little too much to drink." "somewhere in this painting there's a priest that's doing something bad." "that's either a door or a tapestry on the wall...(student: "looks like someone's walking into the tapestry, then.")...well, they will be if they drink any more." i suppose you had to be there, but it was quite entertaining. dr. gettys is great, it's too bad i can't take his class next semester.

November 07, 2002

opening night went well. i think a lot of the people that just come for convo credit were upset that it lasted so long. well, those people can bite my croquet mallet, for all i care. i do what i do to entertain those who want to be there. we had fun tonight, and i think the audience liked it...and that's what matters. i have a map test tomorrow that i have yet to study for, but i have a novel idea: i'll go to sleep now and wake up early to study. it can be done. i did it this morning to study for a joan little quiz, and it was really helpful. if i get to sleep before 12, that'll be the first time in who knows how long.

November 06, 2002

it's a gorgeous day outside. the sky is so blue, and the leaves are changing to glorious golden and red hues. i love it. i enjoyed my walk to and from the library just a little while ago. unfortunately, i've been cooped up in the media room watching videos for spanish that i've neglected watching till today. well, at least it's done. now, i'm going to work on my map for world civ and stare out the window at this beautiful day God has created while i wait for kit to come back from class. we're going to goodwill today. yay!
um, just for your information, luke...terry's blog is not really terry's blog.

November 05, 2002

i went for a walk this morning and it was cold and cloudy. as i was getting ready to leave for class, it started pouring, of course. for some reason, i don't even own a waterproof, hooded jacket, and wasn't smart enough to grab the umbrella out of my car. i was soaked in english class. now i'm in the room, and my clothes are drying on the ladder to my loft. i'm back in my pajamas, eating cookies and pringles. because i'm such a heath nut, you know.

you're my knight in tarnished armor
you've thrown the shield away
i can't recognize you as the one
who's come to save the day
but stay here in my embrace
till the night creeps close
and with your less-than-chivalrous face
my love forever grows

yay...i finished my english paper a lot sooner than i though i would. now i just have to read my education class crap and write up some questions for dr. mckenzie. i was excited to see that we got sheets in our cpos about what classes will be offered next semester. i'm excited to start signing up for classes. is that strange? probably so, but i don't mind. i'm ready to plunge into my major, whether that be english, spanish, or both. i'm ready to get serious about it, i think, although i don't know what kind of career path i'll choose. i really think that english and spanish is the direction i'm being led in.

i was invited to the euphie masquarade ball (yay!) but don't think i can go because of little mary sunshine (aw.). i was just thinking that i'd still be able to go because amber (who's also in the play) was talking about going because she's an athenian. however, it slipped my mind that saturday will be closing night, and we'll all have to stick around to strike the set, which could take a while. sorry, luke, i was really trying to find a way to go, but, sadly, i don't think it's feasible. (i think i used an excessive amount of commas in that last sentence.) ah, well...time to get to some education.

November 04, 2002

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this is the very picture that hangs above my computer this very minute with the boys' signatures on it. yes, i do like jump, little children, and no, i don't care if you don't like them.
calvin rocks my socks off...

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much better mood today. we had a spain meeting last night, and i can't explain to you my enthusiasm. i simply can't wait until december 26, when we depart for madrid, espana. i mean, sure, it's going to be cool enough traveling to a foreign country rich with culture and history so far back that it makes america look like an infant. but to walk a medieval pilgrimage road that has been traversed for ages past, so wrought with emotion and spirituality? unbelievable. we (the goup that's going) have been reading up on the camino and all of the physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural experiences that we may have. it has peaked my interest and excitement more than anything else i have ever done in my life. i just can't explain it...

November 03, 2002

we saw punch drunk love last night, and i'm not sure what i thought about it. i shouldn't have gone to see it in the first place. i'm tired and stressed, and my left eye's been twitching for the past two days.

i'm a bad person. i didn't go to church today. i decided to sleep in and i woke up at one. i spent my afternoon reading books for spain. i'm in such an apathetic/blah mood today. i don't want to talk to people or answer to anyone. unfortunately, i have stuff to do tonight at 6 and 7:30 that both involve people. after that stuff, i'm coming back here to do some more work.

luke, interesting about your dream internet girl. my advice: don't get your hopes up. if you don't have high expectations, you won't be disappointed. unfortunately, this never works. sometimes the best thing to do is just to wait. sometimes you'll find the answer has been staring you in the face the entire time. i'm leaving that part of my life up to God, which is what i should've been doing all along. He is where i'll find my satisfaction. i really need to sit down tonight, read my Bible, and pray for a while. i know that's what i need.

i'm going to stop rambling for now and try to get some more work done before i have to go do stuff with people...sorry about the moodiness of this blog.

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