November 16, 2002's been a busy end of the week. luckily, it's friday, and i'll be heading to bed in just a few. i can't wait to sleep in. although, i'm going to try to be productive tomorrow, because i have tons of work for the next couple of weeks.

we had triathalon tonight. (in erskine college language, that means; pizza, bowling, and a movie.) it was pretty fun. quite exciting because we saw 8 mile, which is a movie i've been meaning to see for, oh, about a week now. harry potter came out today, but i'm waiting till i go home next weekend to see it with my mom. i bought two cds tonight: jimmy eat world's "clarity," which is just great, and tori amos' "scarlet's walk," which i'm listening to right now, and seems to be quite intriguing. i've been meaning to buy a tori amos cd, and what better time than when she's just put out a new cd?

well, it's just about time for me to hit the hay...

November 14, 2002

oh, by the way, if you aren't down with the aforementioned form of worship, that's cool. but, please, don't dis me for it behind my back or anything. because as far as i'm concerned, it's between God and me.
yeah, luke...i got your back. last night was incredible. we went to deidre's church, where a revival was going on. i wasn't sure about it at first, even though i told myself i was going with an open mind, and i was ready for anything. once we got there, i felt a bit uneasy being around all of those people shouting "hallelujah" and speaking in tongues. i was raised presbyterian (pca, to be exact), and we just don't do that kind of stuff. i wasn't really sure about my stand on the whole speaking in tongues bit until last night. i knew it was Biblical, but i wasn't sure what place it would have in the modern church.

I Corinthians 14:26 says "what then shall we say, brothers? when you come together, everyone has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. all of these must be done for the strengthening of the church."

now, i'm no Bible scholar, but i'll be darned if i'm going to stand in the way of "the strengthening of the church," and i truly feel that the experience i had last night was a genuine one.

November 12, 2002

joan little postponed our collateral reading report till next tuesday, and i just got back from a refreshing workout and shower. wheee!!!! (i saw "wheee!" used in lotsa people's blogs...looked like the trendy thing to do...but i don't think it works for me.) is good. can't wait to go to church with the boys tomorrow. why am i not stressed out about my world civ test? hm... hope i never have to go to blogger hell, luke. sarabeth..."girl...where you at?"

(pointless blog? yes.)

time to kick it at denny's...

November 10, 2002

so that's it. no more little mary. i would say i miss it, but i don't yet. give me another day, then i probably will. it was lots of fun, and i enjoyed getting to know a lot of the girls, especially. i don't know yet if i'll be doing theatre stuff next semester or not, depends on how heavy my schedule is.

it was nice having the girls this weekend, but i felt like i didn't get to see them much because i had to do play stuff, and i wanted to hang out with people from the play, too. i was also torn because i was invited to the euphie ball last night, and had to say no to my oh-so-hot date because of the play. i was going to try to go after the play, but i stayed to help take down the set. it was frustrating and put me in a sour mood last night and for most of today. i'm sorry for everyone who experienced that. i was in the library for a while this afternoon, and i think it was good for me to just be by myself. i'm in a much better mood now, even though i haven't completed all of the objectives on my list. ah, well...there's always tomorrow.
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