April 19, 2003

yay for being home. i didn't leave school till 4:30. i got out of rehearsal before 3, but then i went through ALL OF MY CLOTHES (that's a lot of clothes...steph'll tell ya) and organized them. i also brought a bunch of clothes home. i was productive, yes i was. i decided just to stay home tonight, which was probably best. i'm bushed. at least we'll be through with the play after wednesday night. (and after striking the set...boo.)

you know what tv show was highly underrated? freaks and geeks. it always had bad time slots, but was really clever and just darn good. (and had a great theme song...joan jett's "bad reputation"...my "sons of melchezedek" music.) if you ever have the opportunity to catch some re-runs, i highly recommend it. i'd let you borrow the marathon tape i have, but i can't risk losing it. but you really are missing out.
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