May 15, 2003

woooooohoooooo!!!! i'm done! i'm going to play my guitar! i'm going to watch the video from the camino i got from carlos this morning! ::sniff::...i'm going to shower! i'm going to eat chinese! i'm going to see matrix: reloaded! i'm going to stop with the exclamation marks!

seriously. we went to the mall yesterday (haywood, like mecca...), and my new favorite store of all time is charlotte russe. i would be so incredibly happy with a wardrobe from there. only the coolest clothes ever. hear that, all you people wondering what to get my for my next birthday? (ahem, giftcertificate, ahem.) so...i'm saving up this summer and raiding that store with deidre next semester. yessssss.

i only had about 3 hrs of sleep last night. how i managed to jump outta bed at 6:45 this morning, i'll never know. but for some reason, i don't wanna sleep. i just wanna veg. and watch the camino video. so, that's where i'll be if'n you need me. see ya, fellas.

May 14, 2003

alrighty...finished revising my paper. it's a weak revision, but a revision nonetheless, and that's all doc crenshaw wants. so, i'm gonna head to belk, turn this sucker in, as well as my spanish paper, then it's to watkins to wait for the boys for lunch.
"you are my sunshine, my only sunshine."

i have that in my head, but not the traditional version. there's this part in a bright eyes song where connor sings it. i think the song's called "the calendar hung itself"...or something. good song, though.

wearing the hot new shirt today. yay! wearing new clothes always makes me feel great. i really am obsessed with clothes. too bad i can't afford to be truly obsessed. sigh.

don't you hate it when you lean on the bathroom counter and water gets on your pants. i usually check before i lean, but i guess my inspection wasn't thorough today. ick. water on my pants.

i think my stomach's a lot finickier than it used to be. not in what i eat, but how much i eat. my appetite has shrunk significantly this semester, i think. i ate 5 pieces of pizza yesterday (granted, that's half a flippin pizza), and my stomach hated me for it. i think it was punching itself to get revenge on me. and i never eat as much at lunch as i used to. i've quit getting deserts, for the most part, in an attempt to be healthier, and i don't eat ice cream any more cause it does a number on my stomach. but i'm craving some ice cream right now, so maybe i'll get some at lunch and just deal with the pain.

time to revise my story. later, cats.
my spanish paper turned out to be about 5.3 pages. my plan was to write so much crap that carlos will just get bored reading it and give me an a. we'll see if it works, eh? i'm not even reading over it. i'm done. i quit. that's it.

steph found my watch while she was vacuuming. she's the best roommate ever. really, i'm not just saying that.

sons of melchizedek had a pizza party tonight. we all went to the pizza house in abbeville, and it was a blast and a half. we even took a team picture. i love our team, it's a shame that steph and i won't be able to play next year.

i only have one more exam to go: world civ. so, i get to study for that tomorrow. yay.

thursday night a bunch of us are going out for chinese and then to see matrix: reloaded. oh, what fun. so, i have a date with myself to watch the first matrix on thursday after my world civ exam. i've seen it before, but only once, so i don't really have much of a grasp on the whole thing.

May 12, 2003

i could never really be as artsy as i want to be...

i finished my astronomy exam. i'm not sure how long it took because i don't have a flippin watch. afterwards, i visited carlos, who said that he should have copies of the video from spain for everyone by wednesday. so, i'm really excited about that. apparently it's 4.5 hours long. sheesh. then, i went to see the student art exhibition at bowie. it makes me want to start drawing again. i used to draw a lot when i was in the 8th and 9th grades, but i think i did it because i had few friends and didn't have much better to do.

maybe i should start drawing again. i think i feel like i can't do too many artsy things all at once. i mean, i've got my acting (which i'll do till the day i die), music, writing...i guess i don't want to spread myself out too much. but i wanna do it all. so, i will. ha. once someone described me as "artsy", which caught me off guard, cause i don't really see myself that way. but i think it's cool if others do.

so...what now? i guess i could get started on my spanish essay. it really shouldn't be that hard. then, it's on to studying for history, which shouldn't be too terribly bad either. i don't mind essays so much, which is good considering i'm an english major.

oh, yeah. seeing my aunt on saturday was just great! she's like a completely new person. (fyi: she became a christian in december...on my birthday, to be exact.) she's doing really well, and i can't wait till i get to visit her and spend some real time with her (hopefully the end of this summer). and maybe i can see jennifer then, too. i desperately need to see her, it's been ages.

well, folks, time to do some relaxing before i start some working.
our bathroom still smells like the dickens. and the cleaning ladies haven't been here. how horrible that we all have to suffer a rank bathroom because one person was inconsiderate. whoever what person is, i hope you trip and fall in a pile of dog crap. maybe that'll teach ya.

i really really hate studying for astronomy. i don't mind looking at the stars and moon, in fact, i rather enjoy it. but studying for astronomy sucks a lot. so, i quit. maybe.

and i lost my watch. if you know me well, you probably know how anal i am about my watch. i'm lost without it. i think i'm always afraid i'll miss something if i don't have my watch. so, if you see me, tell me what time it is.


May 11, 2003

i bought myself a present today: a shirt from target. i didn't do anything special to deserve it, but i bought it anyway.

i'll probably be holed up in watkins for the better part of the afternoon/evening. i'll either be studying, reading les miserables, or sleeping.

i'm about to go hit the books. i'm going to punch 'em in the face.

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