August 30, 2003

it's ridiculous how much of what i just packed is clothing. ridiculous. and i've even downsized. i promise. went to nana's today then came back home to pack. and that's about it since i didn't get out of bed till around 1:30. it's going to be not fun loading my car up tomorrow. but it's going to be not funner unloading my car when i get to school.

got a lot of mixed emotions right now. think it's just cause i'm tired. and i've been packing. last time i packed it was to ship off to keystone. i had a lot of mixed emotions then too. and that worked out well in the long run.

my fingers hurt from playing the guitar.

i should go to bed, but i think i'll play some more.
actually, after i posted last night, i ended up playing my guitar for another hour. why am i already awake? ugh. but its cool, cause i'm moving in tomorrow. sweet. my guitar's moving in with me. obviously i'm delerious and should probably go back to sleep. i would if i could, i promise, but it doesn't work. i think i'm going to hang out with my grandmother today after i pick up my newly-altered pants.
why haven't i been listening to this great blur album i've had at my disposure? it's really great. glad i decided to pop it in today.

yeah, i know it's 3:45 am. i just got back from greenville a little while ago. man, am i tired. but i have to take advantage of the fact that the rents aren't home and play music loud at night and be rebellious as bethy is, you know. anyhoo, the show tonight was just grand, besides the fact that, towards the end, i had to sit down because i was about to faint (seriously). the working title was better than i expected. (that reminds me, gotta check out their website...and now i've gotta stop the blur so i can listen to twt music from their website.) the band that played before twt was called florez. the lead singer was an amazing guitar player and singer. very impressive. he played without a pick and had a lot of spanish guitar inspired riffs and solos. and the last song they played was mostly in spanish. oh, i loved it. and they're christian. exciting stuff, tonight's show was.

oh, and florez is playing with need to breathe, another very rockin christian band, on september 27 at the handlebar. hopefully i can make it.

you know what's cool? when i meet someone and i'm like "hi, i'm bethy." and they're like "bethy? that's a cool name." that didn't happen tonight, but i was thinking about how it happened at new brookland recently, and it was really cool. i like my name, which i guess is good since i'm stuck with it.

maybe i should go to sleep, since it's 4:15am now...ugh.

August 29, 2003

i'm thinking about switching to xanga or maybe even livejournal. i just don't know. blogger doesn't always do it for me. hm...let me mull it over.

in other news: jump show tonight at the handlebar. and we're getting there early. oh, i can't wait. in fact, i probably should get ready to head over to drew's soon.

in other other news: i tend to be less swanky after the camp season. i don't always feel the need to shower every day. ok, that has nothing to do with swankiness. anyhoo, it just doesn't seem to matter as much after i've lived with a bunch of girls for 10 weeks who could care less how i look. i was never really swanky, though. right, kc girls?

August 28, 2003

i hung out with terry today, and we went to erskine to roam around and visit people. and it just made me want to move back asap. which means i really need to pack and probably tomorrow bc we're heading up to greenville to see jump around 4ish.

August 27, 2003

wait a sec...i only get one love scene???

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ah, well. i missed bloggage yesterday. i apologize to all of my adoring fans. yesterday i...wait, what did i do yesterday? i know at some point i came home for pizza. oh oh...i had an eye doctor's appointment and they dialated my eyes. so driving home was not too cool. and i worked on the scrapbook some. did my pre-college walmart run. yeah, that's pretty much it.

today i went shopping with my grandmother and hung out at her house for a bit. then i came home to watch young frankenstein with dad. i like gene wilder. mostly because he married gilda radner. in high school we all had to write monologues. i did one as gilda radner in the hospital when she had ovarian cancer. she was an interesting person.

anyhoo, tomorrow promises to be more interesting. i'm going up to greenwood to hang out with terry. and friday night i'm going to the jump show in greenville with andrew and sam and maybe david. sweet. looks as if i'll get to see the working title in concert after all. yessss.

August 26, 2003

i heard this guy at manifest talking about how eclectic his musical tastes are. and i figured, we could've been kindred spirits. "curse missed opportunities."

i also figured that i could sell that store 6 cds. they only took one. and for $2. woo. so, my plan to basically get a cd for free kinda fell through. but i bought 2 albums anyway. ben lee's hey you, yes you and brand new's deja entendu. i was pleased by both purchases. especially the ben lee song "no room to bleed." very evocative, just like i like 'em. and i was pleasantly surprised that brand new's music wasn't as radio-worthy as their single suggests. so, i'm pleased with my purchases.

then i went to michael's for scrapbooking stuff, target, bed bath, and beyond, tjmax, and old navy. i was looking for a shelf to hang on my dorm room wall. and i want a picture frame to hang on the wall that has multiple spots for pictures. maybe i'll get an unfinished shelf and paint it myself. yay for being crafty. and i want to start on the 'ol camp scrapbook soon. and i just went to tjmax and old navy for the heck of it.

i came home from errands today to a nice surprise: jordan was at my house. we go way back, jordan and me. we hung out here and played the emo game online then went to the courtyard and new brookland. ben walker was playing at new brookland, so i got to see him/them. and i met/hung out with plenty of scene kids. and jordan and i talked about how much we're both "one of the guys," which is why we're never considered as possibilities. hm. but it's fun.

i desperately need to buy a new journal, i filled mine up this summer. i'm about to go crazy-go-nuts.

August 24, 2003

this is interesting.

i have ben lee's album breathing tornados, which i recently rediscovered. you know he's with claire danes, one of my dramatic inspirations. anyhoo, think i may buy his new album, hey you, yes you. i saw the video for the song "no room to bleed" on (i've been watching a lot of videos on today), and i really liked the song. the video's a shot of ben's face with different things going on behind him constantly. he's just got such a goofy demeanor and really kind eyes.

i haven't done much today after church this morning. i've just been in a blah mood. don't get me wrong, i'm perfectly happy. i just feel like doing nothing.

this week:
monday - pick up tim at car place
- ben walker radio at new brookland (i've heard good things)
tuesday - eye doctor
wednesday - shopping with nana

and there's the whole packing for college thing i gotta get to...

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