February 28, 2004

you know whats strange about blogger? i never know who reads these posts, what theyre thinking when theyre reading them. hm.

today i wanted to go to el escorial and everything, take some cool pictures. but i just didnt have the ganas when i finally woke up at 12. and i wasnt even tired, really. so i got up, had some coffee and cereal, watched some music videos and the simpsons, ate a small lunch with jess, showered, went to sol, bought new film, and now here i am. what a bore i am. and tonight all i really want to do is sit in starbucks writing and reading. ive got some work to do, so i think ill take it with me.

return of the mac is playing. ha ha.

stephs in london with justin. well actually he found her a place to stay in oxford. which is not london. i hope theyre having a blast. im sure they are, since hes been absent on the blog recently.

oh the concert last night was wonderful. jess, lauren and i felt like we were back home at a show. we were in the second row and most everyone around us was american. we met the band and got autographs afterward. then they kicked us out of the club because they had to clean it up so they could open it up in discoteca fashion. and we werent about to hang around in the freezing cold to catch up with the band later. instead, the girls took me to this really hip cafe near our house called lateral. it has drinks for pretty cheap and cool tapas and deserts. it was nice and relaxting, and our waiter invited us to party with him. but we declined and went home to bed like boring old ladies. come on, now, i cant party all the time.

since i bought some new film, and still have plenty to learn about my rad camera, i might take it out tomorrow.

well, im gonna run. ive been here almost an hour.


February 27, 2004


this morning i was watching the news in the kitchen while drinking coffee and eating some italian bread my senora gave me, and the economics segment came on. guess what the theme music was? pink floyd´s ``money´´. i thought that was strange.

and then there was this segment on the new spanish pepsi commercial with the real madrid futbol players: beckham, figo, and some other guy. it was funny because they´re in like medieval times and these guards are in front of a cage full of pepsi. there are some kids playing with a ball, and the futbolistas take the ball and start kicking it around and doing cool tricks while the guard try to catch them, then the guard line up to guard the pepsi (like they´re lining up in front of a futbol goal), and they all cover they´re rigs with their helmets before the futbolistas do some fancy footwork that kicks the ball to the cage and the cage pops open so that all of the villagers can enjoy the wonderful tast of pepsi. i laughed quite a lot.

the weather´s been crazy lately. today i´m going to the library, mcdonald´s, shopping with steph. tomorrow depends on the weather: if it´s nice i´m going to el escorial alone, if it´s not, michael and i are going to this huge mall outside of madrid.

concert tonight. i´m gonna meet the band and party hard with them. yah.

February 24, 2004

hello again, folks.

but only for a sec, because i´ve have class pronto.

everyone should go to justin´s blog because he´s made it way cool. not that it wasn´t cool before, but now it´s much cooler, and he blogs frequently because he has a computer and internet in his flat in oxford. darn you, justin.

steph´s going to london this weekend to see the aforementioned chap. i think saturday, as long as the weather´s nice, i´ll go to el escorial. it´s a town outside of madrid where there´s this incredible monastery. i think that´s also where franco´s buried. and if you don´t know who that is, look it up. anyhoo, i think i want to go by myself and take my camera to try to get some quality shots. i need to buy more film and figure out how to do more cool stuff with my expensive minolta, ya know?

friday´s the concert (death cab). i´m counting down, i´m so excited. jessica (my roommate), lauren (her friend) and i want to meet the band. i figure we have a pretty good chance. i´ll let you know how it goes.

tomorrow we´re going to stacey´s house (her senora says it´s cool). it´ll be nice to be in someone else´s house for a change. i think we´re going to order pizza and maybe watch a movie.

and i have this arquitecture project due next week, so i´ve actually got some note-worthy work to get done, but it´s still so not hard. i´m gonna go check the church out today (the one i´m doing my project on). and i´ve got to run a few errands as well as go visit the shirt at pull and bear i want to buy. and maybe i´ll buy it. to console myself on this cold and rainy day in the city.

(steady now, city sister, as the sky will fall you´ll have your curtain call - hm)

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