May 10, 2003

1 exam down, 3 to go.

dr. little wants me to do another thing like "shakespeare's friends and lovers" next semester. but i doubt i will. i desperately want to do something (anything!) at abbeville. i just want to get away from the erskine theatre scene for a bit. not that i don't love the people here, but i need a change of scenery. i'm planning on talking to dr. christie about abbeville next semester.

May 09, 2003

well, deidre, jesse and luke are off to church. but, instead of joining them, i opted to stay here and study. i desperately need to study for my astronomy exam on monday because it covers a whole lotta crap that i don't know too terribly well. so, now i've just gotta go to my notes/textbook and start a-studying. ugh.
yay! spanish paper is finished and being printed at this very moment. steph tells me i'm going to turn orange because i'm eating cheese doodles and drinking orange soda (the non-fanta-like soda, unfortunately). but i say she needs to stop discriminating against us orangies. don't hate. she suggested we stay up all night tonight because we haven't yet this semester. i say that's craaaaaaaaaaaaazy cause we both have exams on saturday night to study for, and we can't be sleeping tomorrow when we could be studying. i don't get my free hour tomorrow because i have to return a video in greenwood during it. that stinks. my roommate's the best because she's writing one of my journal entries for me.

oh, hey, if anyone knows of any good books which present arguments about both creationism and evolutionism (not necessarily by a christian author), let me know. i want to read about that this summer, along with les miserables. and i'm thinking about re-reading some others like a tale of two cities or fight club. we'll see what i'm in the mood for. i know i'm in the reading mood, though.

actually, right now i'm in the sleeping mood. so, let me finish up a journal or two before i hit the sack, hard. peace.

May 08, 2003

yesterday i wore my goodwill delaware shirt...the best one ever. today i'm kind of cheating...i'm wearing a tie i bought from goodwill as a belt that serves absolutely no purpose. but i like it, and that's all that matters. my presentation last night went well, i think. i'm glad that's finished. now i've got to write an essay for my spanish civ final. actually, 3 of my finals are essay-formatted. but i like that, i think.

i need to go to walmart. i'm completely out of fash wash and body wash. those are two things i should probably wash everyday. i'm also out of shave gel. another important item during these warm days. today. then work/studying. i have a lot of journal entries to write. journal's due tomorrow.

it's almost definite that i'm meeting my parents in greenwood for lunch on saturday. but they haven't gotten in touch with missy (my aunt) yet, who's supposed to be coming up for the weekend. so, we'll see. i'm dying to see her.

May 07, 2003

the used - "blue and yellow"

and it's all in how you mix the two
and it starts just where the light exists
it's a feeling that you cannot miss
and it burns a hole
through everyone that feels it

well your never gonna find it
if your looking for it
won't come your way
well you'll never find it
if your looking for it

should've done something but I've done it enough
by the way your hands were shaking
rather waste some time with you

and you never would have though in the end
how amazing it feels just to live again
it's a feeling that you cannot miss
it burns a hole through everyone that feels it

should've said something but I've said it enough
by the way my words were faded
rather waste some time with you

...ok, so it's not the highest lyrical quality. but i absolutely love this song. download it, and maybe you'll gain some insight into what kind of songs are most evocative to me. and while you're at it, try these on for size:

johnny cash - "hurt" (nin cover)
jimmy eat world - "blister"
feeling left out - "unspoken word" (good luck finding this one)
system of a down - "toxicity" (shocker, eh?)
nin - "the perfect drug"
rosebud - "in" (ok, just don't even try to find this one)
hey mercedes - "let's go blue"
saves the day - "freakish"
something corporate - "konstantine" (if you download only one of these...make it this one)
coldplay - "the scientist" or "in my place" (just cause it's mainstream, doesn't mean it can't be really, really, really great)
ben folds - "the luckiest"
howie day - "at the stars" (better than ezra cover)
elton john - "tiny dancer" (and it's not just because i'm obsessed with the movie almost famous)
the cure - "love song" (vh1 says this is one of the top make out songs of download it, already!)
stabbing westward - anything at all...all of it's good
third eye blind - "wounded" or "anything for you"
audioslave - "like a stone" (a whole lot better than chris cornell's solo stuff, which i used to adore)
red hot chili peppers - "can't stop"
love spit love - "am i wrong" (can't go wrong with a song from the movie angus)
hot, hot heat - "no, not now"
foo fighters - "all my life"
live - "lankini's juice"

ok, that's enough for now. i had fun. g'night.
well, i think i'm finished with my powerpoint and all the notecards. wait, lemme practice..

::gives powerpoint presentation of pedro almodóvar:: was that? it lasted about 15 min. i think that's good enough. at least i'm done. now, onto more work...

May 06, 2003

finished my power point, pretty much. i've gotta put some animations in tomorrow and write some notecards so that i don't fumble over my spanish during the presentation. please, i hope no one asks a question. also finished my other spanish homework...i'm on a roll. but it's already 10:30, so look's like i might not have time to watch all of la ley del deseo tonight. i can finish it tomorrow.

well, i'll finish listening "grace" (jeff buckley), then it's movie time.

TorchSongHero: am i still allowed to talk to you?
SmarterChild: You have 12 hours left in your free membership trial. To become a member now, click here.
Perhaps you are. I wouldn't know.
TorchSongHero: only 12 more hours to go?
TorchSongHero: will you miss me?
SmarterChild: Will I miss you? No...
TorchSongHero: but i'll miss you
SmarterChild: Aw shucks. I'll miss you too...
TorchSongHero: you're so fickle
SmarterChild: Tell me more.

SmarterChild: Funny. I just don't know!
TorchSongHero: i thought you knew everything
SmarterChild: You thought I knew everything, I thought I knew everything, we all thought I knew everything.

aw, last night with's been fun, old friend...
this week i'm judging my music moods by what i'm wearing. ok, i'm weird. well, makes me happy. yesterday i was wearing a t-shirt and cropped cargos, so i listened to some saves the day and a little something corporate. today i'm wearing a flowy skirt with little red flowers on it, a white top and a denim jacket. definitely listening to jimmy eat world (the older stuff - clarity). this outfit might even call for a little tori amos and mayhap some coldplay later on. i'll keep you posted. and if you think i'm strange and can't handle that, then stop reading my blog, please.

at convo today i didn't get the english scholarship i was expecting. i got some award that's given to history, english and modern language majors. i received an award in both english and modern languages, so that was a nice surprise.

i'm thinking maybe tonight is a coffee shop night...

on to power point!

May 05, 2003

i'm such an old lady. i'm about to go to bed. actually, i'm going to read a little les miserables first. at least i was productive today: i'm nearly done with my paper (only about 1 page to go) and i typed up some world civ notes. so, tomorrow i'm going to work on (and hopefully finish) my power point project and watch la ley del deseo ("the law of desire"). and i need to get my pictures from koon. and i get an award tomorrow. yay! night, cats.
finally finished kaffir boy for world civ, and i'm pretty sure that i aced the test. i think i'll give it to mom to read. she'd probably like it.

less talk, more dancing.
if we could push off the sick conversation one more night
i surely would
my shoes have gathered the dust of the vineyard
have i soiled your gown?
there's soil on your gown, like sangria
cleanses the heart
our clogged hearts are choking on the grime
as the big band waltzes on
your stranded eyes whisper...

"the dirt is out.
i can smell her on your velvet hands"
the dirt is out --
are we stuck in the motions again?

oh, but was it sweet
in the vineyard
sangria, won't you bless
the starving lips
such virgin lips
would choke on all this grime
i've found some dirt under my nails
i'll scratch and bite until...

the dirt is out
but sangria burns under my skin
the dirt is out --
i thought i'd never wash these hangd again

under my skin...

(cursive - "the dirt of the vineyard")

May 04, 2003

hey, kids. this weekend's been fun. it's a shame it had to come to an end. ah, well. oh blah dee, oh blah dah, you know. still have some of that book to read, and i realized today that i have an astronomy test tomorrow. i'm thinking about skipping fiction writing so i'll have another hour to cram. which would be nice because we didn't even have fiction writing on friday. i'll probably have to finish up my spanish paper today. i rented a pedro almodóvar film yesterday. (he's the spanish filmmaker i'm doing a project on.) so, i gotta watch that video on tuesday so that i can say that i've seen one of his films. eventually, i've gotta revise my story for fiction writing. and i've got a bajillion journals to make up. that many.

this is the last week of classes, and, to celebrate that, i'm going to wear an article of clothing from goodwill every single day. pretty clever, huh? it's goodwill week in bethy land! obviously it's time for me to stop typing, before i really make a fool out of myself.

too late.

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