August 16, 2003

i woke up this morning at 6am and was in so much pain. took a pill, and went back to bed. but when i woke up again at 9ish, the pain was still bad. so, i'm double drugged. no running this morning. i think i'll have to wait till the stone is passed. sounds thrilling, eh?

i hope to make it to the new brookland show tonight. some emo punk rock is on the docket for tonight. and afterward a nice mocha at courtyard. yeah, that sounds nice.
I am 35% Emo

Hmm.. I should stop listening to Dashboard Confessional.... enough said... Now that I stopped looking at my shoes, I know how the real world looks.

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i keep telling you people that, although i like quite a lot of emo music, i'm no full-blooded emo kid.

August 15, 2003 plan to be totally unproductive today worked like a charm. i knew i could do it.

seriously, folks, i need to get back to being productive soon. as in tomorrow. gotta get into the routine of it before heading back to erskine. i'm getting up for a run tomorrow. that's right. a run. i actually grew to like running a bit during camp. (it was one of the only times i could actually be alone.) hopefully i'll be able to work it into my school routine. i think i'll make that trip to manifest to buy the mae cd tomorrow. maybe i'll hang out with mom tomorrow.

but, for now, i'm going to window shop online. for no particular reason. not like i'm going to buy anything. i'm just bored. and then i'll go to bed. sounds great.
so, i should be in jacksonville today. but my trip to the emergency room yesterday as we were leaving town has prevented that. looks like i have kidney stones. whoopee. i had to go to the urologist today. ew, i know. but the pain meds i got yesterday are helping. the hydrocodone's making me a bit drowsy, so i see why they don't want you driving on these pills. so my trip was pretty much cancelled, which is really sad because now i don't get to see my aunt or jennifer. not cool. but, in a way, it's also a blessing because i do need some time just to chill.

laura and megan left early this morning on the greyhound. hope they made it to florida alright.

so, i'll be around if anyone wants to do something. i was thinking about going to a movie tonight. and, since i'll be in town, i'll probably catch the show at new brookland tomorrow night. and i'll eventually make it to manifest to get the mae cd. i'm pretty much quarantined today because mom has my car.

i'm about to watch the movie heathers. timothy claims i'll like it. and i'll probably make some popcorn for lunch. let me be a coach potato for a day.

August 13, 2003

next step: buy the mae cd.

although i missed both armor for sleep and the working title tonight (sad day), i saw mae. and they rocked. a lot. so, it was worth it. i talked to the sister of the working title's lead singer in the bathroom. she says they're playing usc on tuesday. and i know they're playing with jump later this month. so, maybe i'll see them soon.

jacksonville tomorrow. i'm overwhelmed with who i need to see when. like jennifer and people from camp. this is my vacation, i shouldn't have to stress like this. but i know it'll all be good once i'm there. and it'll be even better once my sunburn goes away.

August 12, 2003

chucktown was nice today, even though predicted rain and storms. ha. we beat the system. or the weathermen. whatever. it was a beautiful day at the beach. nice picnic lunch, compliments of subway. then we headed on over to downtown. walked around the battery (saw my $12 million house), had some ben and jerry's, and headed for home. i was impressed that i found my way to folly, back downtown, and out of downtown home. all in all, a good day, except i'm about as red as a lobster. aloe is my friend.

a trip to the zoo, visit with nana, dinner at home, and the show at new brookland is on the docket for tomorrow. i haven't been to the zoo to see the animals in ages. i'm excited. it'll make me feel like a kid again. i remember my brother and i going to zoo camp when we were little. not exactly sure what we did at zoo camp. i hope we played with tigers and swam with polar bears. but i doubt it. how cool would that have been though?

i talked to my aunt tonight, and we're all set to head down to jax on thursday. she was so excited, and i can't wait to see her (and hopefully jennifer). missy only lives 6 blocks from the beach. but, if i go out there, i'm slathering on the sunscreen, let me tell you. slather...that's a good word.

ok, time to finish putting my clothes away. i think the camp-funk's finally out of all of them.
good times for sure tonight with good friends for sure.

did some manifest shopping earlier today. bought 4 cds: yellowcard, taking back sunday, counting crows, and a piano music cd of beatles music and nature sounds. (the last cd being for my mother, to play while her students work. it was only $2.50 in the used section.) yellowcard's good so far. taking back sunday is just what i like: emo rock.

i don't think i'll be going to the counting crows/john mayer concert. i don't really have the money, and driving there will be ridiculous. so, guess that decision's made.

i can't wait to go to chucktown tomorrow. ah, the beach. hope i don't blind anyone with my white stomach. the weather's calling for scattered thunderstorms. sounds as if it may rain on our parade. but i sure hope not. either way, should be an adventure. and i bought a black and white disposable camera. sweet.

show at new brookland on wednesday night. mae, armor for sleep, and the working title (kit's friend's band). early show - 6pm doors. i love shows.

i'd better go to sleep so i don't fall asleep on the way to the beach manana. adios.

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