November 08, 2003

it's over. the shakespeare thing. and so is hell week. except i still gotta write my research paper. but it's all good. cause i've got notecards.

and i think i'm in for the night. time to sit down with bill and have a little talk. then i should hit the sack early. yay for sleeping.

tomorrow sb and i are invited to a luncheon. i already told you that. get over it. because i'm way excited.

November 07, 2003

oh man i was actually going to stay up to finish these othello study questions, but it's not worth it. i'd much rather get somewhere over 6 hours of sleep tonight. that sounds good. maybe i'll tackle crying of lot 49 before i head to bed. oh crap. i didn't write a focus paper for henderson the rain king. hm. maybe i'll do that tomorrow while i've got all that time between classes. i'm not doing it tonight.

today i made a trip to anderson, just to have a break (and i needed a walmart trip). i think it was the longest period of time (in some time) that i've been alone without being feverishly engrossed in some schoolwork. so, it was nice. i bought finding nemo! i can't wait to watch it again. but anyway, it was a nice trip. just what i needed, although i was pretty miffed that mcdonald's didn't have any honey in which to dip my mcnuggets.

shakespeare went well tonight. it ran pretty long, but ah well. one down, two to go. one of the nicest feelings after closing a show is knowing you have that much more free time. so so nice.

this weekend's looking like it'll be filled with work. so what else is new. mom and dad are coming up for the performance on saturday. and saturday morning is sga work day. and sunday sb and i are invited to a luncheon at the church, which we're stoked about. ok that's about it. adios.

November 05, 2003

oh i'm so excited about next summer. the prospect of actually living and working at home really makes me happy, since i haven't had that chance for quite some time. maybe it's silly to be excited about next summer when this semester's not over. and i should be more excited about next semester (which i am, but i don't want to bore you with that, because i'm sure i gloat about it whenever conversation allows it).

so, i'm trying to think of things to do during the summer of 04 to occupy my time, since i don't want to get bored or be idle. other than working (hopefully i'll have a full-time sedentary job that pays well), there are i couple of things i'm thinking about. mom's been checking into some esl (english as a second language, you doof) classes that her school does nights during the summer, and maybe i can help out. obviously i can't teach since i won't be certified, but i figured it'd be a way to keep practicing my spanish.

i still need to email frank and suzanne about maybe visiting them in peru for maybe a week or so.

i was thinking about taking either dance or guitar lessons. but then i decided guitar lessons are dumb, since all i really need is motivation to practice scales and finger-picking exercises. sarah gave me the idea for dance lessons. she takes hip-hop, and i thought "what fun!". besides, a whole lot more interesting than joining a gym.

so, those are my ideas for now. lemme know what you think. suggestions? i'm all ears.

November 04, 2003

no im. go away.

November 03, 2003

why do you frustrate me so, dear blogger?

man oh man this week's going to be hell on wheels. just because of all the crazy stuff i'm involved in and all the junk i have to accomplish. but i'll get through it. and if i can get through this, i can get through the rest of the semester without a nervous breakdown. i don't think i've ever actually had a nervous breakdown. there's this girl in one of my classes who likes to talk about how many nervous breakdowns she has a day. but i think it's just a hyperbole.

i just got back from an sga meeting that lasted nearly 2 hours. and before that rehearsal for nearly 2 hours. and i still want to get to page 200 in my book. i like setting unrealistic goals like that. because if you don't, what do you have to strive for?

i don't want to be a scene kid, contrary to popular belief. and i'm not one. although when i'm home i enjoy hanging out around the scene and getting to know some of the kids there. because it's one of the more entertaining (and cheap) things to do around columbia. but most of them are snobs, and have conformed from year to year to whatever style of music is in the scene. because when my brother was younger it used to be pretty old school punk. and he complains about how people around the scene now actually ridicule him for still liking the music and not jumping on the indie snob bandwagon. of course, i do like a lot of indie music, but i hope i'm never an indie snob, and i don't think i'll ever be one, because i don't care enough to try to find music that will impress you. i listen to music because of how it makes me think and feel. and that's that.

on a similar note, the lyrics for divine comedy's song "songs of love", which ben folds covers on his newest ep, are hilarious. because you can perfectly envision the scenes described. that's the english major in me.

so now it's time to not get a shower (i'm a lazy filthy bum) and to read my butt off. and i don't know where that expression first came you?

November 02, 2003

so, i know i have a while to decide still, but here's a thought:

maybe after i graduate i'll get a summer job and raise money and then go to madrid (or somewhere else in spain, i only said madrid because that's where caroline miller and amanda jackson are going) to a language school to learn to teach english. and then get a job over there teaching english. but it depends on how much i like living in madrid next semester. that would be quite cool though...just a thought.

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