April 17, 2004

yay. terrys going to be in my intro to music class. i wont be all alone. yay.
theres a xanga craze going through some of the ec boys. way to go. way to conform. i love it.

i cant believe how fast this last week went. you know, if i had tons of money, i could stay here the rest of the summer. ive yet to travel to southern spain. but i want to see my family and friends, of course. oh, and i dont have tons of money.

ive been working on my art project of salvador dali. i really like him. in spite of all the sexual references. so he was a weird guy, what artist wasnt? we went to reina sofia today to check out guernica, an amazing picasso, and one of the best things in the museum. tonight were having our girls night at staceys house. pizza, fanta, pirates of the caribbean (sp?), which i actually liked very little. but i love johnny depp. love him. and i got to get on my end of the year projects that are all due this week. and exams this week. but im not worried.

i hung out with jaime (the intercambio) this morning. i went car shopping with him and then we had bocadillos de calamares (that would be squid) in plaza mayor. jaimes the best. ill miss him.

ok. im out. hasta luego.

April 12, 2004


only 2 more weeks. i can´t believe it. but i guess i should do a quick review of the travels.

london: way cool. we saw just about everything (at least from the outside. most everything´s pricey to enter, except the museums, they´re free). thursday we went to oxford to see where justin´s been living and studying the past couple of months. it´s a sweet town. and we went pub-hopping that night, which was much fun. justin will be happy to know that i like the bitters. i met johnny on friday and drug him all over to see the stuff i wanted. we took a cruise down the thames from tower bridge (what i thought was called london bridge) to westminister. it was a gorgeous day. walked down portobello road and ran into george orwell´s house there. went to the british museum. and some more stuff. i liked it a lot, except london´s the most expensive place i´ve ever been.j

paris: spent some time in the lourve (for free because it was the first sunday of the month) and walked to notre dame (it was also palm sunday, so we got palms there). the eiffel tower is amazing and incredible. we took the stairs and then ate at a sweet place down the street. matt and i explored the cemetery where jim morrison is buried. also: oscar wilde, colette, sarah bernhardt, moliere, and a lot more. and then we went to the picasso museum there. got pizza from our favorite place down the street from the hotel and had a slumber party sans the slumber with pizza and tv. then we walked down to moulin rouge, which was a short walk from our hotel. we didn´t go in, though. sorry to disappoint you.

barcelona: took it easy in barcelona. we were exhausted. but we saw all the gaudi architecture. i loved casa batllo and park guell. very trippy, eh steph? but there were just so many people. i saw a play alone. i had just seen the movie in film class, and was excited to see it on stage. spent lots of time at our new-found favorite barcelona bar: drink. food. life. then friday night i hopped a night bus back.

the end.

now i´m back in madrid, with lots of free time because i only have 2 days of class a week. i´ve gotta do some research on dali, my artist of choice for the art class project. think i´ll go to the reina sofia tomorrow. and steph and i might go to see the virgin suicides tomorrow night. what a great flick. if you liked lost in translation (also sofia coppola), see the virgin suicides. oh, and read the book.

gotta run. hasta pronto.

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