February 26, 2003

luke gets online today, and this is what we talk about...

TorchSongHero: i thought you might be online today
Letiphile: look at that intuition
Letiphile: impressive
TorchSongHero: i know...i even put a cow mooing sound effect to alarm me
TorchSongHero: i was so excited...i was reading on the swing, and i heard a cow moo
Letiphile: ha
Letiphile: ha ha
Letiphile: we talked alot about cows today
Letiphile: thats funny
TorchSongHero: how appropriate, then

February 24, 2003

on reuniting at keystone camp...

A321sesame: later two streets
TorchSongHero: ha ha
TorchSongHero: never gets old
A321sesame: there maybe a reunitification
A321sesame: i think i made up a word
TorchSongHero: i think so
TorchSongHero: i like it

...oh, it's gonna be another fun summer at the stone...

February 23, 2003

and now i joined the elite, selective crowd of the tattooed. ok, so maybe "elite" and "selective" aren't the best descriptors i could've used. but, anyhow, i do have a tattoo. it's of the cross of santiago (st. james) and it's on my lower back. i like it a lot, which is good considering it's pretty dern permanent. i had a whole entourage there with me. steph, clab, syd, danielle, and laurin were all there to witness the tattooing. i felt so loved...and in pain.

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