January 03, 2003

yo. i´m in logroño now. we had a short day, and we get a nice rest here today. ah. my knee´s been hurting the past couple of days, so i´ve been walking with a pitiful limp. still having a good time, but the walking´s been rough. i can´t believe erskine people aren´t even back at school yet. i didn´t do anything for new years. most of us were in bed before 12, we were so exhausted. i knew it was going to be no big thing. besides, we have great fun at dinner time when we´re all together, and that´s enough for me. and madrid will be great fun times. steph, you´ll love it here, i can´t wait till we´re both here! i think it´s going to be an early night. we need all the rest we can get. email me and let me know what´s up, i´ll reply when i get the chance! hasta ahora!

December 30, 2002

hola from spain everybody! i´m having a blast over here, even though my whole body aches from walking for 2 days. the terrain´s beautiful, the food is fabulous, and the people are cool. i was going to get a tattoo when i got back to the states to remember the camino, but i´ve changed my mind. instead, i´m getting a tattoo while i´m here in spain (at the end, in madrid). i may have even convinced some others to do it with me! (carlos is thinking about it!)
well, í don´t want to spend too much money at this cafe, so i must go for now.

i love it here, and i´m retiring to northern spain...

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