August 23, 2003

mom and i just watched the pianist. and it was quite moving. my type of movie: very evocative. it was real. no extra fluff of pizazz. so, i highly recommend it.

winthrop was fun times. the apartment was sweet. and made me realize how not ready i am to have an apartment. and it also made me realize how much i can't wait to move back to erskine. 1 week, baby.

but first, i have some stuff to get done. oil change and eye appointment are at the top of the list. that means i get new glasses. tight. and i'm going shopping with nana this week.

i'm going to try to make it to the jump show this friday. not only to see jump, but to see the working title, which i missed at new brookland last time. did i tell you that the mae cd that i purchased is wonderful? similar to jimmy eat world. ish. tonight is confederate fagg's final show at new brookland, but i declined. i've never seen them, and i've been told they're hilarious. but i'm way too tired. besides, i was spending quality time with mom.

"and when you fall, i'll be around
i'll be the mayor of your town
and when waiting for the lights to go
i'll be that song on your radio
and when you're reaching for the light
i'll be your infinite night
and when they come to swallow you
i'll be the water to wash you through"
- leona naess

August 22, 2003

you know that show that used to come on called "that's my dog!"? i was watching old home movies where my best friend jennifer and i made a show called "that's our sock!". and we actually tied fishing line to the socks so they could move around, but you couldn't see the fishing line. and we made an obstacle course for them. and we made a parody of the movie twister with barbie dolls. the stand-out performer was a skipper doll in a bikini who carried around her head in a tote bag and asked everyone "where's the beach?". inventive, eh?

but now i'm going to take a shower and get ready for the partay in rock thrill.
your soundtrack by reade
turntable rotationsneaker pimps, tricky, radiohead
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...guess i should definitely get "hail to the theif" now, eh?
i hung out at nana's house for about 3.5 hours. and next week we're going shopping together. sweet.

tonight i spent some quality time with josh f., justin, anita, and gabrielle. we ate at miyo's in columbia and then went back to justin's apartment to watch swingers, which was cool. and then we ended up watching the care bear movie too. good times, good times. and it's really funny in spanish too. ("la tierra del amor" carole king) afterward, we went for frosties and enjoyed them on the horseshoe. all around, a great night. too bad i have to get up early tomorrow to take the brother to work. but i'll probably just go back to bed when i get home.

oh oh cd, hostel book, and pictures came today. i am so thrilled. the cd's right up my alley. i really want to see mae live again.

if anyone from camp ever reads this, i think you'll appreciate this:

Who Will You Marry? by Sari
DateJuly 14, 2051
SpousePaul Walker
Price of Wedding$938,322
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August 21, 2003

let me fill you in on my fun-filled yesterday and this morning. steph and i went to flight deck for lunch then walked to this way cool bead store in the same shopping center. (i got into hemp necklaces over the summer. how crafty of me.) anyhoo, i bought some sweet beads. then we went to wally world to check out the futons and found the one of our dreams (a.k.a. the really cheap metal one) for our dorm. then steph actually wanted to shop at ross. baby steps, steppy.

last night we went over to syddie's, where we just hung out, and it was good times all around.

however, this morning was not good times all around. another urologist appointment for me was on the docket. and i have to go back in a few weeks. ugh. but today should be good and productive: taking some pants to get them altered, nana's for lunch with dad, hang out with nana for a bit (maybe finish the anticipated skirt), catch up with the high school crew this evening. and tomorrow steph and i are heading to winthrop for the big partay. sweet.

sorry i can't fill you in on every minute detail of my day, but i do the best i can. ha ha.

August 20, 2003

i just watched death to smoochie again. i really like that movie. and not just because i want to have ed norton's baby. i think you either really like that movie, or you hate it. there doesn't seem to be much in between.

looks like i'm going to winthrop this weekend to christen the girls' new apartment and to celebrate laurie's birthday. sweet. but i've got some things to do before then.

i'm feeling rather weak on the blogging side tonight. maybe i'll just go to bed. latah.

August 19, 2003

hm..aim's not working...

great day today in charleston. i went with sam and andrew and we had a blast at the beach and downtown. we ate dinner at mellow mushroom, which made me so happy, even if it's not as cool as asheville's.

August 18, 2003

i just bought the mae cd online. and i bought a european hostel guide. both with a borders gift certificate. which means i'll get a package in a few days. sweet.
steph and i hung out last night. it's about time we had some roommate togetherness time. her parents didn't know i was coming, but they fed me anyway. i love the pearls. steph forced me to watch the cheetah girls again, after i had already suffered through it on friday. it was bad, except for the sweet performance by sonic chaos. right, steph?

i was going to hang out with my grandmother today, but she's not feeling well, so looks like plans have changed. i'm going to finished organizing my guitar notebook and toss the tablatures i don't want. then i'm going to play said guitar. then i might go to ross just for the heck of it. i don't really know, and it doesn't really matter. i've got all the time in the world.

oh, i have a birthday gift or two to buy. that'll occupy my time alright.

August 17, 2003

today wasn't extremely productive, other than ripping up the seams in a pair of jeans so i can make a skirt. and i made it to new brookland tonight. i saw senses fail, and liked them. then my chemical romance came on. i wasn't really that impressed. they were kind of annoying, as were their fans. and i was sweating up a storm, so i decided to jet. i missed midtown, but, oh well.

guess what? manifest does not carry the mae cd. what the heck. i was not a happy camper. instead i bought the new dashboard confessional cd. chris carrabba writes some pretty sappy stuff. but he also writes great lyrics and simple, but intriguing progressions. that's what i'd aspire to as a songwriter, so i like his stuff. mayhap i'll order the mae cd online.

and i got a huge (pronounced "heouge") cd case and reorganized my cds. again. turns out i acquired more this summer than i thought i had. sweet.

i'm gonna scrounge around at nana's house tomorrow for some material to sew my skirt up with. i'm excited. maybe i can keep making my own clothing. that's productive, eh?

night, all.

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