May 06, 2004

i'm tired of talking about my trip. so i think i'll pop some of the best popcorn ever and watch a flick. because i don't feel like going to bed quite yet.

oh...but first i'll call jennifer osborne because it's her birthday!

May 05, 2004

i am liberating myself.

it's about time.

May 03, 2004

oh yeah, and my pictures are developed and saved to the pc. i'll upload them to an online album later this week, after my erskine excursion. adios.
bought the new jump cd (s'about time, eh?) at manifest (which did NOT close...yay!). then i mosied on over to the used cd section. you can't go to manifest without checking out the used cd section. am i right, or am i right? came this close to buying the dc talk free at last disc. but changed my mind when i saw a pavement cd for $4. score. been wanting one of those. hope it's a good un.

also this morning, i went around to a bunch of law firms giving them my resume and soliciting myself as a translator. we'll see if anything comes of that. i do have an interview on thursday with some company that i think is a legal temp agency.

oh, did i mention i was contemplating law school?

anyway, gotta get packed to head up to erskine. latah.

May 02, 2004

i was reading some old posts (i know, i know, quite the ego i have), and i don't think my more recent ones are as creative writing-wise. and that makes me sad. maybe it's because, last semester, i was writing practically everyday in the blog and i haven't had that kind of access this sem. i'll work on that. another goal this summer. maybe i should write something more meaningful as well. like revise my short story and submit it to the free times short story contest. doesn't that sound like fun? no, bethy, you sound like a nerd. a self-absorbed nerd.

got to see my nita tonight. went to new brookland to meet her and see cool hand luke among some others. ran into jamie, so we all went to bojangles (i refuse to call it "the boj") after. then i went with nita to her friend's apartment. and we watched 80s videos. good times all around.

church tomorrow. i think in a week or two i might try out tommy's. a church in downtown. don't ask my why it's called tommy's. but i'll probably keep going to cornerstone too.

and tomorrow i get to fix up my resumee. so i can take it to some lawyers' offices on monday and apply for other jobs next week. i'm actually excited. because getting a job means i can fill up my bank account as well as my weeks. i just know i'd get bored otherwise.

except for the nights i'll be taking hip-hop dance class. super-sweet. i'm going to be able to dance better than you. so there.

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