March 29, 2003

yesterday was fun. my whole spring break was great. it was exactly how spring break should be (contrary to what mtv says). a lot of random fun for me, and i loved it. yesterday a bunch of erskine kids came to lexington. we went to a park and played softball and football. first, i got hit in the side of the head with a softball. don't let the "soft" part fool you. then, after we finished football and were walking to the playground, i got hit in the face with a stray football. i didn't realize how extremely accident-prone i am when it comes to sports.

we ate at ryan's for dinner. who goes to ryan's anymore? a bunch of families, that's who. i haven't been there in years.

then most of us went to new brookland tavern to see tigerbot hesh. the show didn't start till 9pm, so we ended up waiting around outside for 45min or so. i ran into jordan-o. haven't seen that girl in ages. so, we hung out a bit. saw josh h. again. he's a cool kid. and i met some other people. i like meeting people. then we moved on inside the tavern for tigerbot. free show. i enjoyed it. we left after they played, though, because the guys (dave and terry) had a long drive home still. after we all left steph's house, i debated going back to courtyard. i decided against it and crashed early, after writing a couple of journal entries for fiction writing (i'm way behind).

i don't really have any plans till steak dinner and godspell at village square with my folks tonight. i think afterward i might meet ashley for coffee at courtyard. either way, i might be down that way tonight.

::sigh::...goodbye spring break, you've been a pal.

March 28, 2003

i wonder how luke's doing in madrid...
well, i got a little of my spanish reading done at courtyard before i started running into the most random people ever. first, i saw josh hutto. then, we saw a guy that we both went to high school with, jeremy. i had like one english class with him. he's moving to alaska. next, i saw chris, of chris and stormy. and guess who he was with? adam cullum. strangest group ever. we all hung out for quite some time. it was good times.

haven't heard news about tomorrow yet, but i assume that the erskine kids are coming. i told ashley that i'd meet her for lunch or something tomorrow. she could hang with all of us. and i may still go to the show at new brookland tomorrow night. rock on.

March 27, 2003

i finally got the new third day cd. i like it a lot, yes i do. and i also like relient k. i bought their new cd on a whim, having heard only a bit of their music. i'm pleasantly surprised so far. yay.

i'm so full. we just got back from the new pizza place "uno" in lexington. i think i'm going to burst.

i'm fat and happy. and that's what matters.

oh, and i got some cool new shoes. they're retro. i'm so hip.

enough with this pretending to blog meaningful stuff. i'm going to read a bunch of random xanga's till i head to courtyard.
there's some rumor going around about us playing softball in the park tomorrow with some erskine cats. not sure yet if it's true. i'll get the scoop from steph. don't know what everyone wants to do friday night, but i already have plans to go to new brookland to a show. so, i guess whoever wants to join me can. maybe steph's house afterwards? still thinking about the hair dying thing, but i think i want to do it.

just got back from shopping with mom. it was a blast. we're about to head out again for mom's birthday dinner.

i think i'm going to spend some time in courtyard again tonight. i like that place. besides, i have some spanish reading to get done that i've barely touched. and i still need to read the communist manifesto. i thought about calling my bro once he gets off work to see if he wanted to hang out. it's been a while since i've actually gotten to spend some time with him. we'll see.
oh, finally saw chicago. and, yes, it was incredible. i haven't been able to get "and all that jazz" out of my head since... i always get mocha, and i don't know if i really like it all that much. i mean, i like it at some places, but most of the time, it's just too sweet. i'll try something new next time. i met nita at courtyard, and we had some quality talk time. i've missed that chick, as well as some other chicks i've been meaning to get in touch with.

you know that they're cancelling dawson's creek? call me queen of cheese, but i used to love to watch that show, in the beginning. my brother and i would watch it every week. i kept up with it for quite a few seasons, but once the characters went off to college, it lost it's "spark" in my eyes. once i went off to college, i forgot my good 'ol friends from the creek altogether. then, last week, i stumbled upon the wb. they were playing the very first episode. the one where jenn first comes to town and pacey's flirting with the english teacher and says the great (ha ha) line, "i'm the best sex you never had". so, naturally, i had to watch. ah, brings back fond memories. i thought katie holmes was awesome, the way she was all cute and would bite her lip. i started biting mine, but i don't think it had the same cute effect. dawson does have a big forehead, though, doesn't he? i guess dawson's was/(is) my vice. i'm sorry you read all that.

while waiting for nita at courtyard, i was reading the free times. i happened upon a short story contest advertisment. deadline april 25th. i figured, "hey, i'm in this fiction writing workshop class for which i already wrote a short story, which the students in the class are going to give me advice on to revise. why not enter my story?" worth a shot, eh? so, i wrote down the info. how exciting.

well, i'm tired, but full of coffee...what to do...

March 26, 2003

just got back from spending a few days at the beach. and i already managed to piss one of my friends off. good job, bethy.

on a lighter note, the beach was gorgeous. i want to be back there. dinner at home tonight, then i'll try to catch up with anita. yay! tomorrow - spending the day with my's her birthday. friday, show at new brookland that night, then steph's going to dye my hair. what color, you may ask? guess you'll just have to wait and see...

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