September 20, 2003

i spent my time before lunch reading on the swing in front of moffatt. erskine campus is so peaceful on saturday mornings.

i went home this afternoon to surprise my aunt and uncle, who drove up from florida. me, missy, tommy, mom, dad and nana all went out to red lobster and now i'm full of grood food. i mean good. good and great.
maybe it's because this is my third year in college. maybe i actually enjoy the satisfaction gained from getting some work done. maybe it's because i'm just a nerd. for whatever reason, friday nights just aren't the same as they used to be. it seems like, when i first got to college, friday nights were what i lived through the week for. because i was inevitably going to do something fun on a friday night (that didn't involve studying). but now, i don't feel that way at all. i could've easily done something more "fun" than read and study tonight, but i didn't really have a desire to. this is a new concept for me. and i want to get up early to get some more work done, too. someone stop the madness.

started reading cider house rules for my english class. it's really good so far.

i don't have anything big planned for tomorrow night, other than the triathlon (yes, that is how it's spelled...phonics don't always work...), if i still decide to go. sunday and fellowship at the barn sunday night.

since i don't do kazaa no mo, i like

the band number one fan reminds me of mae...

September 19, 2003

once upon a time, steph and i maintained a fairly-daily poll by posting questions on our away messages. the poll was retired sometime probably second semester of our freshman year. however, every now and then, i like to revive the 'ol poll, if something good comes up. if you still want to respond, im me (torchsonghero), and let me know what you think.

not-too-annual poll: read the quote (previous post) from david adedokun about Christian music and Christian bands. now, respond to this quote over im to me. because it's already piqued some interest, and i'm curious to hear other opinions.

sshoger82: here's a good test - when you wake up sunday morning and are getting ready for church, what songs are going through your head? are the lyrics uplifting and prepare you to worship God? so, here's how i look at it: i, in general, prefer to listen to Christian music, but there are some secular songs i like too.
lunamayonaise617: well i don't really care. most of the music i don't pay too much attention to the words. but most of the christian music that i happen to stumble upon seems to less creatvie and good as their secular counterparts. and i disagree with some of the theology behind some songs. so i like to stick with the secular music most of the time just to keep from getting frustrated at a bad line in a song that makes God seem some way he's not. But i do like to flip the radio station to bob jones before going to church. just because i like the classical music and it puts me in a good frame of mind. i don't care what the song is though. i just like the orchestra sound. i think all music is in some way glorifying to God. listening to pour some sugar on me by def leopard doesn't make me wanna get it on with some chick. it does however make me wanna beat up the lead singer. so i guess that's not too good. bummer.
stickfigureblack: i would like to say that i was wrong: not all christian music is glorifying to God, and yes, secular music can be glorifying to God. the important issue is focus on God. i beleive we can do anything short of sinning and it be glorifying to God as long as you do it for Him. i also beleive that God is awesome enough to attain glory from anything He wants to. however, the verse in philipians 4:8 speaking of what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy means by God's standards, not our own, so its important to ask: what would God think about this music youre listening to? realistically, i just think its so much harder to reach a higher level of spiritual "closeness" to God when we indulge in things created of this world. if you can maintain a healthy focus on God while listening to music that promotes unconscious idolatry of loved ones, money, drugs, sex, culture, etc. then more power to you because youre stronger than i. "if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. it is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire. and if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it awy. it is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell." matt. 18:8-9 maybe it's not "wrong" for a Christian to listen to secular music, but it's surely more "right" to listen to music that is intentionally glorifying to God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 more: click for response.
cherlygirlJ12: I completely agree. we are too focused on an easy checklist, that's not to say listen to music that screams profanity all the time, be discerning, that's what we are called to do as Christians living in a world created in God's image, but that is fallen and is now a distorted view of that image.
screwtape617: for all you lovers of christian music may i address you attention to in all seroiusness though, its pretty ridiculous and uncritical to assert 1. all "christian" music is glorifying to God, and 2. no "secular" music is glorifying to God. this is especially evident in today's christian music industry which is characterized by trite, unthoughtful lyrics. i also find it terribly unBiblical to assert that love songs, songs about the pain of life, or any number of different themes for that matter, are unilaterally non-glorifying to God. not mentioning God is not a sin. in case someone missed that, not mentioning God in a piece of art or literature does not make that piece of art or literature unholy. if you think it does then look through esther and song of solomon and count up the number of times that God is mentioned explicitally. if you find any, you'll be the first. the real determining factor as to wheter something glorifies God can be found in philippians 4:8. we see there that it is not how many times you can sing jesus' name that makes your song pleasing to God, but rather God has an objective scale by which he measures things, and as pitiful as the christian music scene often is, i would argue that God recieves the most glory when something that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy reaches his ears. oh, i would also like to mention that i am not endorsing that website, but it is funny to look at. funny in a sad way. that people really believe that. oh well.
AraVs HwiN: that David is one smart fellow. And I would have to concur with his quote. While I do find most Christian music more uplifting & encouraging, especially in one's walk, that's not to rule out those not deemed "Christian" bands. There are a lot of seekers out there (Zwan comes to mind) and sometimes its good to hear where they are coming from & being reminded of where we ourselves once were. And some of it's just good music by principle. I also have to you really think Jesus ever stopped some piper playing & refused to listen to his song just b/c the man was of ill repute... fact, the Man even ate in their houses with those of questionable reputations & background.. He listened and ministered to them according to their needs.. Anyhow..the short of it is..we need to be in the world (not in a hole, not in a box) but not of it...and that involves those around us & such music--- Which I happen to like a lot of..well, some of it anyway..

September 18, 2003

looks as if i've neglected the blog. doh. my life got busy, and i like it that way. tomorrow's friday again. it's been nearly 3 weeks of this already. but it's just getting busy.

"when you think about it, a band is just an agreement among people to make music together. an agreement is only a thing. a band can’t be a Christian. a person can. as people, we are. as a band, we’re just a band...we promote listening to good music. and, personally, i discourage listening to only Christian(?) music. sure there’s music out there that’s devoid of any redemptive value. but many Christians, instead of learning to discern and distinguish, want the easy checklist. 'as long as i only listen to Christian music, i know i’m okay.' but that thinking only encourages you to stay in your corner where it’s safe instead of interacting with or understanding culture. how can you affect a culture you’re ignoring? How can you connect with people you’re hiding from?"
- david adedokun (frontman for courage riley - read more here)

there's something going down in the hangar tonight. think i might check it out after bible study, depending on where i stand with completion of work. i'm really excited about bible study tonight, so i think i'll read a chapter in the book right now.

September 16, 2003

hm...almost every erskinite on my list is away...i wonder how many of them just have away messages up but are really sitting at their computers. i wonder...

my legs are in pain. taebo today was killer (i think melanie is having us do the advanced tape). and then tonight we had a soccer game and i played almost the whole time. at the end, all of us girls got to be on the field at the same time. man, we should do that more often. and i really need a shower.

what have i done? i've joined sinfonia again. but i'm not officially signed up. but i also gave dr emmons my word that i'd make it to every rehearsal i could (other than the shakespeare dress rehearsals and such). he had told jesse he wouldn't take me back, but dr emmons likes me, so he did. i have to play 4th flute, which kind of stinks, but i don't mind. i hope laura and i can do some sort of duet for colonial christmas. that would be sweet. the good thing about 4th chair is i get to sit by sb. yay! and we can heckle together.

man, we need to have our teenage mutant ninja turtles II viewing soon, eh? how's about tomorrow? anyone up for it? (ben, come on, i know you're the most excited about it.)

man, i haven't done any homework yet. but i've pretty much been occupied all day. so i don't feel guilty. i need to get a shower right now, though. then it's on to shakespeare questions and a focus paper. adios.
today in chapel paul patrick mentioned 2 peter 3:18 - "but grown in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..." and he emphasized finding a church in the community which advocates this growth. and that's precisely what i've been missing at some of the churches i've tried near here. i haven't felt like i've been gaining any knowledge. i haven't felt myself growing. and i think i might've foud it at new covenant. God willing. go to sinfonia, or not to go...

i was walking back to the dorm from watkins last night at around 12ish. and i had the most wonderful conversation. it made me smile. and i came to terms with some things. and i relized some things and am extremely happy about some decisions. (ha's that for ambiguity?) i was reading in watkins and i didn't even realize it had gotten that late. i had truly forgotten just how nice it is to get lost in a novel for hours.

i'm an important person now. i'm a senator at sga. but that just means that i have to go to meetings and sit at sign-up tables and be on committees. oh, and i have to be the voice of the people in my dorm. i'm glad. i wanted to get more involved, and it's high time some new faces were seen in leadership positions. next step: the white house.

2:30-3:30 taebo in galloway
4:30-5:30 women's chorale
6-7 sinfonia (?)
7 or 8 soccer game

look at me, i'm so involved.

September 15, 2003

steph can't believe i'm her roommate. thanks, stupid, i feel wanted. it got hotter outside today than i had assumed it would. gotta stop assuming stuff. looks like i won't be going to the need to breathe and florez concert on sat, the 27. i signed up for the ruf retreat. the topic is "following jesus". i think it'll do me good. hm. yep.

java city is open now, but that means that i have no reason to escape to the greenwood coffeshop. because we've got our own. i'm sure i'll run up my snapper's account buying mochas.

my brand new cd came in the mail today (brand new is the name of the band, kids). it is good. a little less indie than their other album, which is odd. but i like-a-it. oh and i'm so stoked about the mae and soco show. i gotta go.

be right back, got a conference...

ok. i can't buy like any more clothes till spain. i should resolve to. and i should limit cds. but that's harder. and before i go i still want an mp3 player and a camera. and maybe a hat.

gotta go get a cookie.

September 14, 2003

meloncollie13: you may need those tears for something else
TorchSongHero: like what
meloncollie13: i don't know, like when you listen to Ninja Rap
TorchSongHero: oh, well they will be tears of joy, let me assure you
meloncollie13: only if we redifine "joy"
meloncollie13: and change it to mean absolute agony night this week there's going to be a viewing of teenage mutant ninja turtles II: the secret of the ooze. and i know you're looking forward to it and the ninja rap.
erskine's taking a group on the ruf (reformed university fellowship) retreat up at greystone camp in asheville. heard about it at fellowship last sunday, but didn't think i'd go bc it's kind of expensive. then mom and dad emailed me and said they'd pay for it. i'm still not sure. so, it'd be great if you could pray for guidance about that. among other things...


hung out with the guys tonight (luke and jesse). saw matchstick men, which will not go down as a bethy's favorite. however, nick cage was incredible in it. and i got some ben and jerry's ice cream and doritos at the pantry. the hangar wasn't bumping when we got there, so we left. and watched the emperor's new groove, which always makes me laugh (much like jesse trying to figure out our chair).

and now it's nearly time for bed, children.

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