December 03, 2002

i'm sad because after dinner i went back with the guys so i could hear their new song, and i didn't even get to hear it. that makes me sad. i'm happy because only 3 more days left till my birthday! wooo! tomorrow there's supposed to be some nasty winter weather. i'll really get to test the strength of my heavy duty gortex boots. hope it's not too icy tomorrow, we gotta drive to seneca for church. i should get to reading.

December 02, 2002

my movie track record isn't so good right now. last week, i saw die another day, which has the crappiest script ever. last night, we saw eight crazy nights. please, unless someone pays you, don't go to see it. we should've snuck into another movie, luke. ("snuk" is a funny doesn't look quite right written down.)

because i didn't do any work at home, i have loads of reading to do this week. but it'll be ok, because it's the last week of classes.

i just got back from carlos' office a bit ago. we were talking about the camino. i can't wait to get to spain.

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