January 09, 2004

i´ll write back if you do.
by the way, write me:

TANDEM, Escuela Internacional
Calle Marques de Cubas, 8
28014 Madrid (Spain)

attn: elizabeth miller
i can´t wait to start exploring the culture of this city. i bought a guide to all the stuff that´s going on in madrid (art exhibits, concerts, theatre, etc). i´m picking out that stuff that´s cheap and free to do, other than hopefully planning a trip to la fantasma de la opera (phantom of the opera) which is in town. perfect circle´s coming to town this month too. but i´m not going. and eagle eye cherry is coming in february. but i won´t go to that either.

January 08, 2004

hello kiddies. i know it´s been a while. sorry. i´ve been a little busy, as i´m sure you´ve guessed. it´s great here. we´ve done a little shopping, a few classes, a lot of eating... i´m sure i´ll get a little bored during january because we only have classes in the morning, and i can´t keep spending my money on clothes.

tom cruise is in town for the last samurai premier. i wish i could see him, but i haven´t yet. we did see a huge movie theatre being decorated for the premier. i´ll keep a look out for tommy.

michael´s talking about taking a weekend and going up to santiago to walk from there to finsterre (which used to be the end of the world). that´s the part of the camino we didn´t have time to do. i think that´s a good plan.

this weekend we´re planning on going to a museum, checking out the rest of the city life, and finding a church. we need to find cheap or free stuff to do.

but now i´m out.

hasta luego!

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