January 02, 2004

hola from españa. we had a fun time in logroño for new years, and now we´re in madrid, in the midst of orientation. our director and tour guide is oh so nice and cool. and the other people from the u.s. are all girls. but they´re nice. it´s not too overwhelming yet, and i think we´re starting to like the metro. the city´s beautiful at night. we went on a short tour. we move in and meet our families on sunday. school starts monday but we get tuesday off for los reyes magos. there´s so much culture here and a lot to experience. hasta luego.

December 28, 2003

ok, kids. this is it. the last post in the u.s. of a. for 4 months. but i'll be posting whenever i get the chance in spain, so check back to see what i'm up to. you can email me at peregrinobetty @ yahoo . com (minus the spaces...lance taught me that) while i'm over there, and eventually i'll post my mailing address.

well, that's about it. adios.

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