January 16, 2003

hola...i´m still alive, but certainly not kicking. that´s mostly due to the fact that my knees hurt like the dickens everyday. especially at the end of the day as we approach each town. uf. i´m doing pretty good, but i got really frustrated with the camino today. so frustrated that when i came across a frozen pond in the middle of the road to cross, i got impatient and stepped in...got my socks all wet...had to chance them while sitting on a stump. wet socks are no fun. i´m much better now, because i´ve had some time to rest today. we only have 9 more days of walking left. that just blows my mind. seems like just yesterday we arrived at roncesvalles, all fresh out of taxis, ready to walk the next day, no injuries. now we´re all limping, gimp pilgrims, and proud of it. we´re in astorga tonight, i think it´s our last big city until the end, so you probably won´t here from me. it´s almost time for bed (10pm over here), so i´ll catch you cats later! buenas noches.

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