September 26, 2003

blogger is being ridiculously stupid.

i was sitting here wondering what to blog. i remembered how when i was younger i used to stand in front of the bathroom mirrors and perform little monologues and dialogues (i played both characters) in front of it, scrutinizing my facial expressions and tone. and if i knew someone might hear me, i'd do it really quietly or turn on the fan. and then i thought about how dr little better get her act together with the shakespeare thing. but it's kind of going to stink because we'll only get to have about 2 scenes a piece. there are tons of freshmen interested in theatre. what? theatre competition at erskine? time to bring out the big elementary school mirror monologue expressions. "mirror monologue" i like that.

the intelligent and surprisingly fast surprisingly pulled it off tonight. the all-star team won the intramural championships against a piddly freshman team. ok, so they weren't so piddly. but they were dirty. and most of them pretty good. i didn't play, mostly because i suck too much for terry to risk putting me in. but i was screaming my little lungs out on the sidelines. man it was an exciting game. overtime and d bate scored the winning goal with about 1 min overtime left. man, we get tshirts.

if i could ever hope to match the social greatness of new brookland/courtyard, i've found that match in java city, due west. sit there for a few hours, and you get in all your social time for the week. i love the atmosphere. except maybe for that one couch. it's crazy on that one couch. i can't wait to see new brookland next friday though.

we're leaving for the ruf retreat tomorrow. i don't know who we're riding with. but man it's going to be fun. it'll be like being at camp, but i'll be a camper again. yessss. and chrl will be there. and johnny will be there. it just gets better and better...

went to best buy today with the boys and bought a promise ring cd (one of the earlier emo bands...but they don't sound like the emo you're thinking of) and a nick drake cd. his final 1972 release that is. he's the guy that sings the song from the volkswagon commercial (the one about the pink moon). it's so mellow and calming. and yes i am happy with my purchases so stop making fun of my music.

i've got a lot of work to do next week. but i'm not worried. i'm too happy to be worried.

September 24, 2003

triscuits are tastier than i had anticipated...
oh man i'm tired. fortunately tomorrow there's no contemporary american novel class or women's chorale. and it'll be thursday, which means only one more day till friday.

tonight church was interesting. i forgot how young junior high kids are. the leaders are a couple of 40-somethings. and they're both really great, and the kids love them. i'm glad they remembered that i was coming, because i was afraid they'd be like "what? you're new. and obviously really dumb since you've been held back so many years." kidding, kidding. some of the kids were surprised to hear that i'm in college, though. pastor rountree gave his testimony to the kids and i got to meet him (and he recognized me). and we played a little basketball. girls vs. boys. and the girls totally won. i scored a basket. sweet. i'm sure they could all tell i was nervous out of my mind, but hopefully i'll warm up to them. i'm going to go back next week.

oh man i have alotta work yet to do. story of my life.

i just noticed this huge bruise on my knee...i suppose from soccer.

September 23, 2003

the play was great. and long. i've still got some work to do before i can hit the hay.

there's so much that i could post, but couldn't possibly bring myself to.

we're already in the fourth week. i'm ready for spain to be here for so many reasons. maybe i just need to get off campus, which i'm doing tomorrow night. i'm stepping out of my comfort zone. so far, it's never failed me. but this time i'm a little (a lot) scared, so toss a prayer in my direction.

man, i need that retreat to be here now.
so...i didn't finish that chapter in cider house rules till today, just a little while ago, on the oh-so-comfy couch in java city. i've got a couple acts in much ado about nothing to read, and i should probably get some of my work for thursday finished tonight since i'll be occupied tomorrow night. oh, and our town is showing in lesesne tonight. i skipped taebo today because i think i might have pulled some calf muscles during soccer. but i'll be at aerobics tomorrow, i'm i'm sure that'll be just as craptastically painful.

time to hang out with bill.

September 22, 2003

man...i can taste that intramural victory tshirt already. and it tastes like 100% pre-shrunk cotton. mmm...cotton. we won our final game tonight, and playoffs start tomorrow. tonight's game was rough, though, they were quite good. and we get to play them again for championships (probably...maybe i shouldn't count my chickens...).

i'm doing well so far on getting my work done for today. i've got

- 1 page left in the sociology take-home test
- revision to do on my ensayo
- email homework to carlos and finish up the other exercises (which are nearly completed)
- finish chapter in cider house rules
- 1 spanish journal entry
- maybe start reading much ado about nothing, if i've got the time

sound like a lot? well, it might be, but i've been on such a productive streak lately, i can't help but get it all done. too bad i have an sga meeting at 9 to break up my productive hours. but i'm glad i get to go because it makes me feel important.

tomorrow's going to be another full day (actually, my whole week will be full). so, if you see me walking around squinting at the bright sunlight or making strange monosyllabic sounds, it's probably because i've been hermitting (not a word? is now.) myself in my dorm/watkins and not verbally communicating with the outside world for quite some time. ok, so it won't be that bad. and i'm stoked about all the stuff i've got going on this week, climaxing in the ruf retreat this weekend.

oh and i'm so excited because dr. christie invited us over to his house for dinner and a viewing of the movie cider house rules (once we finish...sometime next week). excellent.

time to get to work.

September 21, 2003

i'm not upset that i missed triathlon last night. it's better that i was with the family anyway. for different reasons.

much better tonight than last night. today's been great. church this morning was nice, as was sunday school. got lots of work done this afternoon and even took a short nap before fellowship, which was also quite nice. i'm looking forward to the ruf retreat next weekend.

[edit...just cause]

so i think i'll shower and go to bed. i have two tests tomorrow: shakespeare and spanish. and i've got a ton of work yet to be done.

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