February 21, 2003

if you're infatuated with me, you'll sign my guestbook.
if you love you, you'll sign my guestbook.

February 19, 2003

so i missed luke by less than 45 minutes. he was online. and where was i? in watkins reading for spanish civ. curse me for being studious. i'm a bit miffed at the moment...

...ok, i wrote that about 20 minutes ago, then i had a great idea and abandoned my computer for a bit. i remembered my phone card, and decided to try to give lucas a call. success! and there's more good news where that came from...he's coming home for his spring break, which is in two weeks!

happiness abounds...

February 18, 2003

i've been feeling strange lately, like something's wrong, or something has changed...or something, but i don't know what. earlier today i was feeling that way, but i'm better now. i guess a full day of homework will do that to ya.

steph and i have been replaced at mealtimes by the girl that's got the hots for mark. we couldn't even sit with the guys tonight. ridiculous.

if all goes as planned, i'll be tattooed by next week...

February 17, 2003

i think i may have found a solution to my february 28th dilemna. i think i'm going to go to the conference. how did i make this monumental decision, you may ask? well, i found out that jump and tinkers are playing in charleston on march 21st, the first day of our spring break. and, since the music farm is a way cool place, i think i'm going to go to that there show. ah, yes, it feels good to be decisive. now, i need to let carlos know that i'm in.

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