April 13, 2003

sarabeth, audra, alyssa and i went to covenant community church today in honea path. it's a daughter church of a church in anderson. it's really small, but it was nice. the pastor from the mother church was preaching, and he talked on james 3, which was cool because we're studying james in melanie's Bible study.

so, after a nice lunch in moffatt, i'm back in the room. i should be doing work. i will soon enough. then i have rehearsal tonight. hope paul doesn't yell at us for not coming yesterday. and i have a killer astronomy test tomorrow that i haven't even started studying for. guess i'll get on that tonight. and i need to start busting my butt about my spanish civ. project too. oh, so much crap to do.

sorry about the uninteresting post. wait, what do i care? it's my blog.
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