December 05, 2003

i'm so totally finished with colonial christmas...for another year. i forgot this is another reason i don't wanna be a choraleer. besides the whole arrogance thing.

it's nice classes are over, but i've still got plenty of work to keep me busy for nearly another week. let's see...focus paper, thematic paper, shakespeare questions, shakespeare videos, studying (of course). maybe that's all. i'll have to check my list.

i got invited to go to a few movies tonight (oooo...i feel popular), but i'm in for the night. i really need to sleep. i took a nap this afternoon, and it was so surreal. and i'm meeting mom in a-town tomorrow morning, so i wanna be awake for that.

ok. night.

December 04, 2003

i finished my spanish journals...sweet. now on to the real work.

my mind is a pollock painting. chaotic smatterings of spanish, contemporary american literature, and shakespeare. and there's like a dot of sociology somewhere in there. and i've yet to splatter on the sleep. soon, my precious, soon.

hey ya.

colonial christmas went all right tonight. mainly because i completed a buncha journals.

doc christie's house was a blast and a half today. we were there for a bit longer than expected, but it was worth it. it's always nice to be in an actual house. and steph and i cried or nearly cried like 10 times during the movie. i think our lack of sleep aided in the emotion-fest. but i think i can see the faint hint of a light at the end of this tunnel. if i squint real hard and tilt my head to the side and roll my eyes around really fast. yeah! there it is!

i think my posts get weirder and weirder the more stressed i am, i think. but i'm a happy kind of stressed. not the freaking-out kind of stressed. i don't think i get that kind of stressed very often. nope. no nervous breakdowns here. just a calmly diligent bethy.

oops. hot date with saul. i don't know if it'll work out, though. he's jewish...

December 03, 2003


rice cake
stolen candy
miniature baby ruth
sprite remix i'll stop and get some mcnuggets before church tonight.

i kinda missed lunch because of a meeting with dr. little. she thinks my double major is very feasible. i need to look into taking one of my gen ed. courses in summer school, though. that'll lighten the load a bit. and i'll have to do directed study for one literature course. but i really want this double major. that way i'll have two options for graduate school.

i've gotten more compliments on my winter ball article in the paper than any other. it's sort of simple-vignette style. but it's weird because it probably took the least amount of effort to write. and people keep saying how much they liked it. even esperanza. crazy.

this paragraph means nothing to you. so don't read it. it's true. i didn't complete my list of tasks yesterday. i only partially-finished one. but i was practically working non-stop. besides, i completed more of the saul bellow profile than i had expected. today i'll have to buckle down. again.

i'm about to head over to mccain to watch a shakespeare video before leaving a little early for anderson (gotta run some errands before youth group). oh, and sb, i'll be praying for you.

estimated bedtime: 3am.

December 01, 2003

ok i think i've recuperated from the break. and i'm uber-excited that my presentation's over. hear that? that's the huge sigh of relief coming from steph and i having finished our spanish presentations. phew.

i think the rest of the afternoon will be spent reading joy luck club. it reads quite fast, so i don't think i'll have a problem finishing it up.

and shakespeare movie marathon this week. is it a marathon if you do one movie a day?

also, a question in trivial pursuit is "what is the capital of delaware?". so, if you live in delaware would you be like "sweet!" because you know the answer, or would you be mad because the capital of your home state is classified as "trivial"? just wondering. it's dover. dover, delaware.

phase one of manhattan project complete.

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