February 04, 2003

hey, check it out...remember the psalm i posted in spanish on christmas day? (by the way, that was psalm 86, not 26...stupid me.) anyhoo, i had picked that out because it seemed an appropriate prayer because i was leaving for spain. remember how i told you about the pilgrim's mass we went to in santiago? well, that passage was part of the psalm that the congregation sang at the mass. i thought that was pretty cool.
hello, blog friends. back at erskine. it's great to be back at old ec. we started classes yesterday. luckily, all of mine were finished before lunch. i don't have any classes today except for women's chorale, which isn't until 4:30. it's nice to have a break on tuesdays and thursdays because i have an 8am on mwf. ugh. my astronomy class is filled with the guy's soccer team. apparently they think it's an easy a, but i've heard differently. my world civ class should be alright. we're reading some interesting books in that class. i'm taking a fiction writing workshop, which i'm excited about. not that i'm some fabulous writer, but it should be fun. spanish class is going to be much fun, especially since i have carlos instead of lannie. i'm taking a spanish civ class on wednesday nights, i hope i'm not in over my head on that one. guess we'll find out. time to get some reading done. adios, cats.

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