March 21, 2003

whelp, this is it. it's about time spring break got here. i'm about to walk out of the door, way ahead of my schedule (i had a 3 o'clock deadline for leaving this place). it's a beautiful day, really starting to look like spring. the first day of spring (yesterday) was pretty rotten, but maybe today will make up for it. too bad i have to spend nearly 2 hrs in the car on this gorgeous day. but at least then, i'll be home!

"home, where my thoughts escape me. home, where my music's playing. home, where my love-life's waiting silently for me..."
- simon and garfunkel

(well, all except the last one, maybe)

later, cats!

March 20, 2003

break from writing my story...

the choraleers are leaving for germany and austria. sarabeth was way excited when she stopped by my room. aw. i realized i have absolutely NO classes today. usually, i have women's chorale (4:30-5:30) and sinfonia sometimes (6-7). but they were definitely both cancelled. rock on. however, i also just found out that i have play practice tonight. but that'll be cool. other than that, i think i'll just hang in the room the rest of the day. i've gotta finish this story anyhow. i've got 3,533 words. it needs to be somewhere between 4,000 and 6,000. but, have no fear, i still have more developing in the story to do. i don't know if i like it that much yet.

the beach, although it'll be tons of fun just to be there with steph and brayer, won't be exactly what i expected. the temperature's only going to be in the 60s/70s and cloudy, not exactly prime beach weather. i figured we could maybe do some shopping and go see chicago, since everyone cept me has seen it. it'll just be nice to be in out own place, relaxing.

mom's b-day is thursday. think i'll get her a little something something from the beach. and i'll be spending the day with her on thursday. i'm such a good daughter. i was going to try to go to the show at new brookland tavern next saturday night, but then i realized that i'm going to see godspell with my parents. but, if it's not too late when the play ends, maybe i'll drop by. or go to courtyard or something. i could sit and have some coffee while a i read the communist manifesto (world civ assignment).

i hope some erskinites can hang out next friday, we'll have to find something fun to do.

March 18, 2003

my story's due on friday, and i only have half of it written...

March 16, 2003

decided to take a quick break and blog while i'm waiting for my spanish notes to print out. wow...i typed a lot of notes. but now all i have to do is spread them out and compare and contrast the different accounts of "la pérdida de España". you wanted to know that, you did. i did write my first paragraph, and it's pretty good. i figured it couldn't hurt to make good impression with the first paragraph. so, i tried my best. no comes the hard part. you can bullcrap the first paragraph, but if your content is bullcrap...uh oh.

so, anyhoo...the concert last night was much fun. we drove 3 hours to sumter to see feeling left out (yes, an emo band) last night. the band got lost, and we were pretty pissed that we drove that far to see some crappy high school emo band. then, flo showed up, and we were relieved. and they took our request for the song "spilled milk" at the end. and i got a t-shirt. yay! check out the pictures on audra's website.

today and tomorrow are going to be killer: spanish paper to finish and astronomy exam. ugh. rehearsal tonight and astronomy help session. then it's back to the proverbial grindstone...

i forgot how much i used to love this third eye blind cd...

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