August 20, 2004

with monica, another pipeline co-worker. Posted by Hello

with lynne, the REAL receptionist Posted by Hello

doing my job. i was actually talking to someone in this shot. it's so not posed. Posted by Hello

my "desk" (a.k.a. the drawer where my crap resides) Posted by Hello

a box of badges. everyone wears a badge at s.c.p.c., even the visitors. Posted by Hello

the phone. a receptionist's best friend and worst enemy. Posted by Hello

the window for "receiving" visitors. Posted by Hello

the receptionist desk at s.c. pipeline (where i spend the majority of my work day. Posted by Hello

this is my dog, chips. he's been having seizures lately. the vet says he might be epileptic, but the tests are really expensive, so we may put him on medication. please pray for my chippy. i'm worried about him. Posted by Hello
i have returned.

i feel like i've been cheating on you. after all, i have had this account since freshman year. maybe our relationship was getting a bit stale and i needed a change. i'm sorry blogger, baby. i'll never leave you again. (especially not now that i can post pictures for free.) i <3 you, fascination street. you've been my campanion, lo, these 3.5 years. why, oh why did i ever abandon you? you were with me in the internet cafes along the camino. you were with me through my semester in madrid. and i just tossed you aside like a browned banana. please forgive me, i won't let it happen again.

i'll keep my xanga for the sake of the erskine blarg-whores (which, as you can see, i have a link for).


i've been aching to take some photos all summer. by that, i mean i want to take my slr (single lens reflex--basically means that the lens you look through is the same as the one taking the picturek, so you see basically what the photo will look like. unless you have black and white film, or something. speaking of black and white film, i think i'll get some.) out and play with all the manual functions to see what kind of sweet shots i can come up with. i might do that tonight. and maybe i'll tote lord of the rings along for some coffee and reading at courtyard or starbucks or jammin java later.


i'm doing the "special music" in church on sunday. i'll be playing the guitar and singing "who am i" by casting crowns. sarah's going to do the harmony. i guess we should practice tonight. i love singing in church. and just singing, period. i'm excited about getting back to women's chorale.


i've developed a shoe fetish as of late. just this summer i bought something like 7 pairs of shoes. most of them are quite unique (green sparkly jelly shoes, hott pink flats, turquoise chuck taylors, black pointy-toed heels, mesh slip-ons...). i'm finished buying shoes for a while.


i lost my i.d. badge for work (the one that has my picture and gets me in the front door). our anal security guy says i need a new one: "company policy," but i'll be darned if i'm going to pay $25 for a new i.d. badge when i'll only be here a week longer. by the time they mailed the i.d. here, i'll only have a few more days. so, i'm not bringing it up unless he does, and then i'll try to convince him that it's pointless to get a new one.

lynne (the receptionist i help at work) won't be here next week, so a bunch of us went out to lunch. sort of a "farewell lunch" for me. you know where we went? santa fe. who knew there was a santa fe in columbia? i sure didn't. it's just like the one in greenwood. i had some great quesadillas, and didn't even have to pay. and i spoke to the waiter in spanish. it was fun.

i also went home from work early yesterday. that was not fun. i was feeling pretty crappy (read: cramps and dizziness and the like). so, i crashed on the couch with finding nemo in the dvd player. it was good just to take a break. i'm much better today.


the girls and i reconnected with a chick from high school through our collective blog. she left a comment and gave us the link to her site. she's in savannah now at scad, majoring in fashion design. her designs are really impressive, she has a lot of talent. anyway, it was interesting hearing from her and reading her livejournal.

coming soon.

pictures from work. stay tuned.


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