February 21, 2004

i?m back, oh fans of mine. sorry this is so rare. but get over it. i?ll be back in almost 2 months, then you can hang out with the real deal, if i still like you. just kidding. i can?t wait to see everyone again. but i?ll wait until after i travel all around europe. plans have changed a bit. we?re not going to fallas in valencia anymore. nope indeed. carlos and the erskinites cancelled on us. so, we decided on a whim to go to rome instead. pretty sweet, eh? i thought so. especially since it was one of my goals this semester, and now it?s actually going to be a reality.

and justin coates is now excited about traveling. well, it?s about time. he?s going with steph, matt (steph?s bro) and me to paris and barcelona. and he?s also coming to rome. again, way awesome.

i have a change to go to peru this summer to stay with my missionary friends. they said they?d love to have me help out. it all depends on the type of pasta (that?s money) i?m raking in this summer. i?d love to do missionary work for about a week and then spend some time traveling to machu picchu.

and one of my roommates (jessica) here goes to school in boston. jessica and her friend lauren (most likely her future flatmate) invited me to visit them in boston. i think i might take advantage of that next semester. we?re all going to a death cab for cutie show this friday, and we?re going to try to meet the band. super sweet.

let?s see, what else. oh, if you haven?t seen 21 grams, i?d suggest you stop reading this so you can go see it right now, k? k. and i just saw a spanish film called te doy mis ojos, which you should also see, but you can?t since it?s over here and you?re over there, unless your name is stephanie pearl or justin coates or claire roof.

i?ve only finished one book since i?ve been here (middlesex by eugenides), since then, i?ve gotten kind of lazy. i have a book in spanish to read, but it?s coming along slowly because when i read, i usually do so to relax, and having to look up words and really think about what i?m reading isn?t so relaxing. maybe i?ll start reading the idiot after all. yes. i think that?s a plan.

and i wanted to buy the new norah jones cd. and now ben?s away message has convinced me of that. peer pressure, works every time. i haven?t bought a cd since i?ve been here, so i think that?s ok to spend some euros on. and i haven?t bought clothes in a few weeks, aren?t you proud? you should be, it?s so hard when every where i look there?s a de moda store. will...power...weakening...

in other news, i think we?re going out for some tapas or something tonight. i?d like some tapas. so, i gotta run home to grab some cash.

later, cari?os.

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